Guitar Quiz

Classical guitar rests on left leg which is slightly raised
Left Hand
It's hidden behind the neck at the 2nd fret, pointing towards the ceiling
Right Hand
Rest Stroke is preferred
How should I fix my left hand if the my strings don't sound clearly when I play?
Press harder, hands off the metal bar, and wrist curved
What are three ways to check the tuning of the guitar?
Keyboard, Tuning Fork, and Electronic Tuner
List the names of the guitar strings from lowest to the highest
(low) E A D G B E (high)
List three styles of music feature the guitar
Hard rock, Jazz, and Folk
List three string instruments that have few strings and change notes with fingers
Banjo, guitar, and Lute
List three string instruments with many strings, each designed to play one note
Harp, Lyre, and Piano