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Throw up


That noob killed me I am going to shoot him with a Sniper Rifle or even better a spartan laser. Waiting waiting got him Blam!!! HA HA you suck I sniped the noob HA HA wait what the noob knifed me, Madre de Joder! I am going to snipe that noob again... What he sniped me I am going to screw him into next week!


Pee u i smell barf and pee in a bowl


This is yellow like pee resturant can i take your oder

yah i would like a soup of chicken butt and a mix of barf and pee in a bowl with a side of tito's crusty and chunky poo

ok we also have human legs stuffed with poo

Make it with santi's squishy poo and ill take it

Do you want to meet the chef

if it comes with a side of chicken beaks with poo inside then i would love to meet him, and make the chicken beaks with his poo

hello chef

Oh hi i heard you wanted my poo

yes I would love your poo to eat

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh plop! there you go my squishy, chunky, and crusty poo all with chicken beaks and more chunky poo and pee

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