World History Ch. 17 Notes

The league of nations was what?
not very strong
Why was there German Inflation?
Because of reparations to France and they had to pay the worker's wages
What did the Dawes Plan do?
It was set up by the US to Germany to help it pay it's bills, it brought intense investment to Europe
What was the only thing the league of nations could do?
economic sanctions
Why didn't peace treaties work?
People didn't reduce armaments
France & Germany, secured boarders, Germany joins league of nations
Kellogg-Briand Act
63 nations pledge to give up using war to solve problems
What were the causes of the Great Depression
A series of down turns in the economies of individual nations, international financial crisis involving the US stock market, banks collapsed, industrial production declined and unemployment rose
What were the effects of the Great Depression
increased government activity in the economy, renewed interest in Marxist (communism), lots of people began to follow political leaders who offered simple solutions in return for dictatorial power
Democratic States: What was happening in Germany
Weimar republic, economic issues,
Democratic States: What was happening in France
Strongest Europe power, economic trouble, little faith in political system
Democratic States: What was happening in Great Britain
Economic downturn, conservatives turn around, ignore keyes
Democratic States: What was happening in USA
FDR, The new deal, work programs, welfare
Who was the first to use facism
Mussolini in Italy,
What did Mussolini institute
Blackshirts to keep dissenters quiet, secret police (OVRA) could arrest anyone for anything, controlled the media, fascists never had full control, linked with the Church
What happened in Russia?
People were starving, Lenin dies leaving a large gap, Stalin ousts the Bolsheviks and begins to rule (he already had a lot of power)
What did the New economic policy do in Russia
it allowed farmers and small business owners some form of capitalism (little freedom) and helped the economy a great deal
What did the 5 year plan change Russia from & to?
an agrarian state to an industrial nation
What is the collectivization of farms?
eliminated private farms, gathering large plots of land under government regulation. The peasants hoarded produce and killed livestock
What was the cost of the 5 year and collectivization plans?
people died of starvation, poor living conditions, dissenters were sent to labor camps in Siberia, Political opponents were tried and killed during the great purge
How many people were arrested in the Great Purge
8 Million
What did authoritarian states want?
to preserve the existing social order
What happened in the authoritarian state of Spain
it's a microcosm, there was a civil war led by the Fascist Franco against democratic government. they won with the support of italy and germany
Where was Hitler born
How did Hitler gain power
joined and took control of the National Socialists German Workers' Party (Nazi), After an unsuccessful beer hall gov. take over, led by the brown shirts and he is jailed. He writes the Mein Kampf, Nazi party becomes largest part in Reichstag which appeals to national pride, honor, and militarism to create new Germany free of economic failure, appointed chancellor in 1933, passes the enabling act, they set up concentration camps for those who disliked the government and when Hindenburg died in 1934 hitler is left with all the power
What did the enabling act do
told the government to ignore the Constitution for 4 years, the rights are taken away, and while passed laws to fix the nations most pressing problems
What did Hitler want
the glory of Aryan nation and thought his 3 empire (reich) to last for 1000 years.
What did the SS control and how?
The secret and regular police, based on terror and ideology
How did Hitler kick start the economy
used public works, and rearmament. The unemployment dropped drastically.
What did the Nazis use to have control
rallies and got control of churches and schools
What does anti-Semitic mean?
against Jewish people
What did the Nuremberg Laws do?
forbade marriages, excluded from citizenship, yellow stars, special ID's, banned from transit and public buildings, couldn't own manage or work in retail, and were encouraged to emigrate from Germany
What is the night of broken glass
What happened on kristallnacht
100's of synagogues were burned and 7,000 businesses destroyed. 30,000 men were arrested and sent to labor camps
Who was in charge of SS, Gestapo, Death Squads, and the Concentration/Death camps
Heinrich Himmler
Who was the Nazi propaganda minister, was well known for his passionate speeches, he organized book burnings and was the main force behind kristallnacht
Joseph Goebbels