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  1. effects of sleep deprivation
  2. Cycle through stages
  3. sleep efficiency
  4. environmental cues that can entrain circadian rhythms are called ______.
  5. several biological clocks
  1. a they are the same in bacteria, fish, and humans.
  2. b rats die, humans just get sleepy, and don't do well on tests of vigilance.
  3. c 1-2-3-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-3-2-1 etc.
  4. d Zeitgabers.
  5. e because sleep becomes more efficient (more REM) in people who need it because they have been sleep deprived, it means that conventional sleep-deprivation studies are virtually useless for discovering how much sleep people really need.

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  1. activation synthesis
  2. kid who stayed up for 11 days, then went to sleep for 14 hours and recovered. he was fine.
  3. Delta waves. Slow waves
  4. synthesized from serotonin in the pineal gland, it has been assumed to play a role in promoting sleep or regulating it's timing in mammals.
  5. it means "physician created" -- most cases of insomnia are the result of this. In a large part because of withdrawal effects from sleeping pills.

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  1. why sleep?two theories. Recuperation and circadian theories.


  2. activation-synthesis theorythat REM is the default state of sleep. If your body needs to perform any other function, than it switches-out to NREM, but once everything is take care of, you switch back to the default state of sleep: REM.


  3. micro-sleeps2-3 second long periods of sleep--can even happen standing up. Usually happens while sleep deprived.


  4. default theorythe second symptom of narcolepsy--recurring losses of muscle tone causing those afflicted to sit down or even crash to the floor unable to move for a couple minutes while fully conscious.


  5. tricyclic antidepressantsThey block REM, but people are just fine. so it makes you question the need for REM sleep...