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  1. Seminal Vesicles
  2. Spermatogenesis
  3. Flagella
  4. Progesterone
  5. parts of Penis
  1. a division of male stem cells through mitosis
  2. b Shaft, glands, erectile tissue
  3. c Corpus Luteum produces
  4. d release material into ejaculatory duct, has chemicals designed to help sprem survive
  5. e tail, pushes

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  1. Endometrium, myometrium, perimetrium
  2. Menstrual stage, proliferative stage, secretory stage
  3. LH levels drop, corpus luteum begins to breakdown, progesterone levels decrease, uterine lining breakdown causing menses
  4. hair covered sac covering testes, control temperature of testes, testes is 3 degrees cooler
  5. produce testosterone

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  1. Vasectomycut the vas deferens stopping sperm where they breakdown


  2. OvaryBulk of the uterus


  3. Parts of Duct System of the maleEpididymis, Vas Deferens, Urethra


  4. Oogoniamitosis/division of wman stem cells


  5. Parts of Duct Systemhead and flagella