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  1. Fundus
  2. Male Anatomy
  3. Spermatogenesis
  4. Scrotum
  5. hormones produced by ovary
  1. a hair covered sac covering testes, control temperature of testes, testes is 3 degrees cooler
  2. b estrogen amd progesterone
  3. c Testes, Duct System, Accessory strustures, external genitalia
  4. d Dome of the Uterus
  5. e division of male stem cells through mitosis

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  1. tube from testes region to prostate gland
  2. Bulk of the uterus
  3. Fundus, body, cervix
  4. inner layer of the uterus, lines the uterus, mucus membrane, if fertilized retains, if not fertilized functional layer is lost, menses
  5. tail, pushes

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  1. Prepucewomb


  2. Stages of Menstrual CycleUrethra, Vagina, Vestibular glands


  3. parts of Uterine TubeInfundibulum, fimbrial


  4. Ovulationreleases luteinizing hormone


  5. Parts of the vulvaShaft, glands, erectile tissue