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  1. Fundus
  2. Sac of ovarian follicles
  3. Prepuce
  4. Spermatogenesis
  5. Labia Majora
  1. a Dome of the Uterus
  2. b Outer skin flap of woman
  3. c foreskin
  4. d immature eggs, 2 or more layers of follice cells
  5. e division of male stem cells through mitosis

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  1. Menstrual stage, proliferative stage, secretory stage
  2. Ovary, Duct System, External genitalia
  3. Infundibulum, fimbrial
  4. days 1-5 losing functional layer, recieving FSH, new follicle matures, produces estrogen
  5. DNA, covered with acrosomes, enzymes

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  1. Mons Punusfront are of womans external anatomy


  2. Parts of the vulvaMons pubus, labia majora, Labia minora, Vestibule, Clitoris


  3. Vas Deferenstube from testes region to prostate gland


  4. Cilia and Peristalsismovement in the fallopian tube


  5. Proliferative Stagedays 6-14, estrogen increases, new functional layer formsreleases LH, ovulation


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