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  1. Male Anatomy
  2. Estrogen
  3. Estrogen and Progesterone
  4. Progesterone
  5. Prepuce
  1. a foreskin
  2. b Hormones produced by a female
  3. c Testes, Duct System, Accessory strustures, external genitalia
  4. d Corpus Luteum produces
  5. e comes from FSH, organs enlarge, breasts form, hips form-fatten and widen, hair growth, menstrual cycle

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  1. LH levels drop, corpus luteum begins to breakdown, progesterone levels decrease, uterine lining breakdown causing menses
  2. temporary storage sac, where sperm mature
  3. progesterone levels maintain, uterine lining maintains
  4. Prostate. membranous, penile
  5. days 15-28, progesterone levels increase, uterine lining becomes thicker, sauses endometrium to relase nutrients into the uterus to sustain the egg

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  1. Mons Punusforeskin


  2. Parts of the vulvaUrethra, Vagina, Vestibular glands


  3. Parts of Duct System of the maleUterine Tube(Fallopian Tube), Uterus


  4. Prostate glandrelease chemicals that activate sperm


  5. Seminiferous Tubulesrelease material into ejaculatory duct, has chemicals designed to help sprem survive