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  1. Proliferative Stage
  2. Vas Deferens
  3. Parts of Duct System
  4. Mons Punus
  5. If no fertilization occurs
  1. a LH levels drop, corpus luteum begins to breakdown, progesterone levels decrease, uterine lining breakdown causing menses
  2. b tube from testes region to prostate gland
  3. c days 6-14, estrogen increases, new functional layer formsreleases LH, ovulation
  4. d front are of womans external anatomy
  5. e Uterine Tube(Fallopian Tube), Uterus

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  1. Seminal Vesicles, prostate gland, Bulbourethral gland
  2. puberty, organs mature, increased sex drive, changes in hair growth, voices and skeletal frame
  3. DNA, covered with acrosomes, enzymes
  4. estrogen amd progesterone
  5. levels drop, tissue blood flow stops, blood pushes uterine lining causing menstrual flow

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  1. Regions of the uterusFundus, body, cervix


  2. FSHBulk of the uterus


  3. Vaginatail, pushes


  4. Perimetriummusclular layer, middle, involuntary, smooth muscle


  5. Epididymistemporary storage sac, where sperm mature