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  1. Cervix
  2. Progesterone
  3. Perimetrium
  4. Ovary
  5. Proliferative Stage
  1. a Neck/ bottom of the uterus
  2. b days 6-14, estrogen increases, new functional layer formsreleases LH, ovulation
  3. c Corpus Luteum produces
  4. d has a sac of ovarian follicles, hormone production
  5. e outer layer, visceral peritoneum

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  1. funnel of fallopian tube
  2. Hormones produced by a female
  3. head and flagella
  4. comes from corpus luteum, helps maintain uterine lining
  5. movement in the fallopian tube

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  1. gland of penisenlarged tip, covering of skin


  2. Scrotumhair covered sac covering testes, control temperature of testes, testes is 3 degrees cooler


  3. Corpus Luteumfront are of womans external anatomy


  4. Uteruswomb


  5. Flagella3 to 4 inches in length, thin walled passageway to the outside


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