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  1. Accessory Structures of the male
  2. gland of penis
  3. If fertilization occurs
  4. Corpus Luteum
  5. Prepuce
  1. a foreskin
  2. b Seminal Vesicles, prostate gland, Bulbourethral gland
  3. c Follicle cells turn into
  4. d enbryo releases LH like hormone, tricks corpus luteum to continue making progesterone maintaining the uterine lining
  5. e enlarged tip, covering of skin

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  1. Neck/ bottom of the uterus
  2. releases luteinizing hormone
  3. follicles mature because of
  4. funnel of fallopian tube
  5. inner layer of the uterus, lines the uterus, mucus membrane, if fertilized retains, if not fertilized functional layer is lost, menses

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  1. Ejaculatory Ductwomb


  2. hormones produced by ovaryestrogen amd progesterone


  3. Epididymistemporary storage sac, where sperm mature


  4. Flagellatail, pushes


  5. If no fertilization occursLH levels drop, corpus luteum begins to breakdown, progesterone levels decrease, uterine lining breakdown causing menses