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  1. Testes
  2. results of testosterone production
  3. Spermatogenesis
  4. If fertilization occurs
  5. Flagella
  1. a puberty, organs mature, increased sex drive, changes in hair growth, voices and skeletal frame
  2. b Tunica albuginea, seminiferous tubules, interstital cells, white
  3. c enbryo releases LH like hormone, tricks corpus luteum to continue making progesterone maintaining the uterine lining
  4. d division of male stem cells through mitosis
  5. e tail, pushes

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  1. Menstrual stage, proliferative stage, secretory stage
  2. front are of womans external anatomy
  3. head and flagella
  4. comes from FSH, organs enlarge, breasts form, hips form-fatten and widen, hair growth, menstrual cycle
  5. foreskin

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  1. parts of Penishead and flagella


  2. Vulva3 to 4 inches in length, thin walled passageway to the outside


  3. Estrogen and ProgesteroneHormones produced by a female


  4. External GenitaliaScrotum, Penis


  5. Proliferative Stagerelease chemicals that activate sperm