Chapter 12 Study Guide APHG

What port do 50% of goods entering Europe come through
China's Pitsburgh is
The second largest industrial district in China developed around ________, china's largest city
Russiaa's detroit southeast of Moscow:
NIzhni Novgorod
According to Alfred Weber the critical determinant of regional industrial location is?
Transportation costs
Peripheral countries mainly have what kind manufacturing?
The most important locational factor for the SERVICE sector is
Japan's dominant industrial region is?
Kanto Plain
Europe's greatest industrial complex is
the Ruhr
Burning coal in a near vacuum produced a much hotter burning, pure carbon fuel called
England held a monopoly over products that were in world demand at the time of the Industrial Revolution. They also held a monopoly on?
The skill necessary to make the machines that manufactured the products.
Where did nike originate?
Oregon in 1961
What are some 'shoe towns'?
Haverhill, Brockton and Lynn Massachusettes.
In the 18th century where were british textiles manufactured?
rural villages within individual homes where during the winter months, rural residents would spin thread or weave fabric.
Who layed the groundwork for the colonial expansion of Europe?*********
the Industrial revolution???
When and where did the Industrial Revolution occur and why there?*
the industrial revoulution occured in Great Britain in the 18th century. It occured there because, there was a flow of income to western europe, (from the colonies)and from global trad, this flow of capital enabled investors to fund inventors and to perfect inventions. The only was the industrial rev. could happen was after an agricultural surplus when cities began to conglomerate,etc.
What were the significant power source inventions during the IR?
The invention of smelting coal and iron and adding limestone to create a pourable subsatnce called CAST IRON.
The invention of the STEAM ENGINE.
the invention of RAILROADS
When did the first railroad open and where?
England 1825
How did the IR diffuse and where?*
The IR first diffused into mainland Europe, to the areas in close proximity to coal fields and a connection via water to a port. With the invention of the railroad, IR diffused to anywhere that was accessed via rails. Before that, the IR only diffused to port towns, or areas with access to water (rivers)
What is the Ruhr industrial area?
Ruhr is one of the first places the IR diffused to in the 1850s. It is an industrial zone off the Rhine River, which has good accessability, high quality resources, and is in close proximity to world markets.
What facilitated the relocation of industry to cities?
the development of transportation, so that resources could be shipped in as appossed to having to be readily available on site. also surplus of labor, in other words AGGLOMERATION.
What are the 5 economic activities?
Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quarternary, Quinary
What is friction of distance?
friction of distance is the increase in time and cost that usually comes with increasing distance.
Who was Weber and what did he say?
Alfred Weber was a german economic geographer that developed a model that describes the location of manufacturing plants. LEAST COST THEORY stated that to minimize cost one must minimize three important categorizes. The categories in order of importance are Transportation, labor, and agglomeration.
What is an agglomeration ? What is an example?
Agglomeration is when a substantial number of enterprises cluster in the same area as happens in industrial cities. For instance, if a city has an office supplier to sell supplies, a UPS for shipping, a bank for storing money, a leather supplier, and a rubber factory, If a shoe company were there, they would be benefitted.
What did Hotelling say about location of business?
Locational Interdependence- location of an industry cannot be understood without reference to the location of other industries of like kind.
How did industralization occur/spread?*
Industrialization occured after the Industrial revolution in areas close to raw materials, and it spreads by innovations such a railroads and steam powered ships that bring industrialized goods to other areas.
When and where did manufacturing begin in North America?
The early 20th century. It began in the North east, where coal reserves were of the plenty, and other raw materials could easily be shipped in.
What is break of bulk and what is an example of it?
Break of Bulk is like a shipyard that puts cargo directly on a railroad/truck. An example in New York.
How do raw materials play a role in industrialization? in the northeastern u.s.?
Raw materials are usually places where industrial zones are located in order to minimize shipping costs. But with the case of NE U. S. shipping is readily available, so industrial zones developed there.
What does Canada's industrial districts look like?
the majority a mirrored horse shoe shaped districts that lie near some kind of natural resource.
What happened in Russia?
After the war, the industrialization program under USSR continued, a series of dams constructed on the volga river made electrical power plentiful, developing the area lining the volga one of Russia's dominant industrial regions to this day.
What about Japan?
Japan is one of the world's leading manufactures, neverthe less that they are lacking natural resources, and landspace. Their dominant region of urbanization if the Kanto Plain. Tokyo-Yokohama-Kawasaki metropolitan area has become Japan's leading manufacturing complex.
What does Fordist mean?
basically mass production and assembly line
What does Post-Fordist mean?
basically using out sourcing to create a final project
What kinds of activities occur in the core, semi-periphery, and periphery?
Core-tertiary, quinary, quarternary
Semi-tertiary and secondary
Periphery-primary and secondary
Tell me about telivision manufacturers.
three key elements
research & design- core countries
Manufacturing Components -periphery and semi
Assembly-periphery and semi- Asse. and Manu. usually outsourced for lower labor costs.
zenith in U.S.
What is a technopole what is an example?
a highly concentrated area of technology developers and companies. ex. Silicon valley
What did/does China's industrial growth look like?
At the beginning of the post fordist movement, many people have outsourced to china to save money, boosting their [china's] economy.
What are some trade associations?