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  1. Angiotensin
  2. Peptide
  3. Ovaries
  4. can
  5. corticoids
  1. a Estrogen is made inside the ____.
  2. b This hormone controls the blood pressure by causing blood vessels to contract or relax.
  3. c ____ balances metabolism of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.
  4. d _______ hormones bind to extracellular receptors in the membrane of the cell.
  5. e Steroid hormones _______ (can/cannot) cross the cell membrane.

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  1. Oxytocin is stored by the _______.
  2. Antidiuretic hormone is STORED by the _______.
  3. Progesterone is made by inside the ____.
  4. Noradrenaline is made by the _____.
  5. This hormone controls the development and action of lymphosites.

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  1. Noradrenalinesame function as adrenaline, but also a neurotransmitter.


  2. Adrenal glandMelatonin is made by the ____.


  3. Adrenal MedullaCorticoids are made by the ____.


  4. Anterior pituitary glandThyroid stimulating hormone is made by the _______.


  5. Thyroxine____ controls growth and metabolism, inadequate dietary iodine causes hypothyroidism (slow metabolism, reduced body temperature, overweight) found in the thyroid