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  1. text
  2. p/a agr (#)
  3. Rely on the juxtaposition of sentences, not semicolons, to link them in most cases
  4. Open stacks + Library of Congress system of classification
  1. a (both Hjortshoj's definition (antyhing written) and mine ("anything readable
  2. b opportunity to find related books on a subject next to one another on the shelves.
  3. c pronoun/antecedent agreement (number) = pronouns must agree in number with their antecedents = "they" cannot refer back to a singular antecedent like "a person." We tend to do this because there is no singular pronoun that can refer to a gender-nonspecific noun like "the person." To fix: pluralize the antecedent so that "they works" or, if possible, specify the antecedent such that another pronoun works, as in "the woman...she."
  4. d Exceptions: 1. when you are using a conjunctive adverb (such as however, therefore, for example, thus) to join the sentences. 2. When both sentences are relatively simple and share parallel construction. .
  5. e Lead in each new source with author's full name and authority Subsequent reference to the same source should be by last name only (whether ♂or ♀)authority = person's area of expertise, not Dr. or ProfTitles (independently published) vs "Titles" (part of a larger work)
    Use italics, not underlining, throughout paper including on

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  1. to jog your memory of words you already know well enough to use.
  2. sake of the agurment
  3. re-see
  4. NOT general encyclopedias (esp. NOT Wikipedia) or dictionaries = likeliest sources are scholarly journal articles
  5. small

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  1. assert(opinion = statement of what one believes to be true = generally arguable = stronger without "I think")


  2. concrete evidencemakes readers believe and care about what you are saying


  3. real revision≠ editing


  4. How to find a research paper topicStart with your interests and existing areas of expertise.


  5. essayattempt to get point across