Ch. 7 TEST

Articles of Confederation
America's first constitution
Roger Sherman
The author of The Great Compromise
Supporters of the Constitution
Against the Constitution
How many states needed to RATIFY the new Constitution
Checks and Balances
Assures that NO branch is more powerful than any other in the government
The Constituion
Is the Supreme (or Final) law of the land
Bill of Rights
The first 10 Amendments of the Constitution
A government which citizens rule through their elected representatives
No Bill of Rights
One of the major complaints by the Anti-Federalists
George Washington
Presiding Officer of the Constitutional Convention
A "check" the president has on congress
Federal System
The division or sharing of power between the Federal and State governments
The Federalist Papers
The collection of essays supporting the new constitution
1st Amendment
Freedom of Speech, Religion, Press, Assembly and petition of govt.
2nd Amendment
Right to keep and bear arms
4th Amendment
Protection against illegal search and seizure
5th Amendment
Protection against double jeopardy and being a witness against oneself
6th Amendment
Right to a speedy trial, have a witness and a lawyer
One House Legislature
Two House Legislature
John Locke
Philosopher, "the natural rights of man"
James Madison
"The Father of the Constitution"