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Psychology: Missed Questions

Schacter and Singer
To experience an emotion, a person must be physically aroused and cognitively label that arousal. This theory of emotion was suggested by:
James-Lange Theory
Alone in the woods, you hear a noise. You think you see a bear coming towards you. Your heart starts pounding and then, a moment later, you realize how frightened you are. This sequence of events is best explained by which theory of emotion?
Cannon-Bard Theory
You look down while sitting at the top of the Ferris wheel. You immediately feel your heart start to pound and you simultaneously experience fear. Which of the following theories best explains this emotional response?
personalize; generalize
Highly emotional people are intense partly because of their interpretations. They may _____________ events as being somehow directed at them, and they may ______________ their experiences by blowing single incidents out of proportion.
"Tend or Befriend"
Mandisa is under an extreme amount of stress. She is battling with her ex-husband about money and their children. In this time of stress, Mandisa turns to her friends for support and spends as much time with her children as possible. Taylor and colleagues would say that she is responding to stress according to which of the following models?
A drug that blocks the reuptake of a particular neurotransmitter is called a(n):
In addition to controlling other endocrine glands, the pituitary also has primary responsibility for regulating:
an escalating rate of anxiety
Compared to 1960, today's culture has all of the following EXCEPT:
Among humans, innovations in behavior and ideas are preserved and transmitted from one generation to another primarily through:
social learning theory
When Sara imitates her mother, carefully wrapping and setting out presents for the holiday celebration, she is praised and given holiday cookies. Sara's learning of gender-linked behaviors is best explained
Employed women have an hour more time to devote to taking care of the children.
Your friend Gwen is quite upset and asks you why she is always the one who cooks, cleans, and takes care of the children the majority of the time. You tell her that:
The Markowitz family has a son, Noah, who has exceptionally high intelligence and excels in math; however, he lacks social and communicative skills which limit his ability to sustain normal peer relationships. Noah has been diagnosed with:
Your aging aunt Luella has had a series of small strokes. These strokes can progressively damage her brain and are most likely to produce:
The elderly are more susceptible to _____________ than when they were younger.
Suzanna was in a horrible car accident, resulting in damage to her temporal lobe. She can sense facial features, but cannot recognize the face itself. Thus, shown a picture of a familiar face her autonomic nervous system might react, but she has no clue as to who the person is. This condition is known as:
perceive movement
Eleanor suffered severe stroke damage near the rear of both sides of her brain. She is unable to:
The way in which you quickly group the individual letters in this test item into separate words best illustrates the principle of:
The law of effect states that rewarded behavior is likely to recur and is this psychologist's principle.
operant conditioning
If children get attention for doing cartwheels, they will repeat the trick if they find this attention to be enjoyable. This best illustrates:
Atkinson and Shiffrin
The three-stage processing model of memory was proposed by:
effortful processing
The extensive rehearsal necessary to encode nonsense syllables best illustrates:
long-term potentiation
Coined by Gary Lynch, this prolonged strengthening of potential neural firing is believed to be the basis for learning and memory and is known as:
retrieval cues
The happier Judie feels, the more readily she recalls experiences with former teachers who were warm and generous. This best illustrates that emotional states can be:
motivated forgetting
Although Ron typically smokes two packs of cigarettes each day, he recalls smoking little more than one pack per day. This poor memory best illustrates:
the availability heuristic
The easier it is for a person to remember a circumstance in which a friend betrayed him, the more he expects such an event to recur. This best illustrates the impact of:
that it can form concepts
Your friend has a cockatiel that he has trained to discriminate between pictures of dogs and cats. Your friend shows him a picture of a dog and the bird pecks at a dog symbol on the cage. Your friend shows him a picture of a cat and the bird pecks at a cat symbol. The bird is showing:
This is a hunger-arousing hormone secreted by an empty stomach.
is our awareness of our physiological responses to emotion-arousing stimuli
The James-Lange theory of emotion suggests that our experience of emotion:
_________________ says that we actually have many emotional reactions apart from, or even before, our interpretations of a situation.
Elena has been in therapy for two months. When she began therapy, her therapist asked her to describe herself as she would ideally like to be and as she actually is. He explained that when these two descriptions are nearly alike, the person is thought to have a positive:
factor analysis
Psychologists would use _____________ to assess whether a single personality trait is reflected in a cluster of characteristics (e.g., ambition, determination, persistence, and self-reliance).
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)
The ____________ includes a "lie scale" that can assess the extent to which a person is "faking" to make a good impression.
exhibit less activity in a frontal lobe area involved in behavior inhibition
Eli has always been an extravert. There is some evidence that people like Eli seek stimulation because their normal brain arousal is relatively low. For example, extraverts:
William James
Psychology's concern with people's sense of self dates back to:
General medical conditions belong on which Axis
dissociative identity disorder
Angel has been arrested for grand theft auto. He claims that it wasn't him and that he knows nothing about the crime as his alter ego must have done it. The court-appointed psychiatrist knows immediately that Angel does not suffer from __________________________ as the host is never co-conscious with the alter egos.
obsessive compulsive disorder
The anterior cingulated cortex is especially likely to be hyperactive in those with
antisocial personality disorder
Last week Tate went into the hospital for a painful medical procedure. Amazingly, he did not seem worried beforehand, and he showed no signs of autonomic nervous system arousal. In addition, Tate seems to lack a conscience for wrongdoing. It is very likely that Tate would be diagnosed as having:
cognitive therapy
The goal of stress inoculation training is to reduce incapacitating anxiety by encouraging people to say positive things to themselves during anxiety-producing situations. This best illustrates a form of:
dendrites, the cell body, axon, terminal branches of the axon.
The correct order of the structures of the motor neuron is:
are highly hypnotizable
In line at the supermarket, you notice a report about a recent alien abduction. You decide to read the article and learn that the person claims to have realized he was abducted after undergoing hypnosis. You know that people who believe in alien abduction:
conscious awareness
The phenomenon of blindsight best illustrates that visual information can be processed without:
The ring of muscle tissue that controls the pupil's size is called the:
This is the system for sensing the position and movement of our individual body parts
retinal disparity
A famous Hollywood director has decided to present his latest film in 3-D. This will create a great movie-going experience for viewers as 3-D movies exaggerate:
unconditioned stimulus
Jane had Leukemia as a child and had to undergo numerous bouts of chemotherapy. The chemotherapy always made her nauseous. As she underwent a year of treatment, the waiting room started to make her nauseous. The nausea from the chemotherapy is:
The fact that children speak with an accent that is similar to that of their peers is best explained by ___________ theory of language acquisition.
According to _____________, there is a pyramid of human needs, such that the most basic physiological needs must be satisfied before higher-level needs become active.
bulimia nervosa
In an attempt to lose some of the weight gained by binge eating, Melissa uses laxatives and exercises until she is exhausted. Melissa most clearly demonstrates symptoms of:
see an oncoming car; heart pounds and, at the same time, the arousal is cognitively labeled; experience fear
According to the Schacter-Singer two-factor theory of emotion, which of the following is the correct sequence of events when a car drives directly toward us and we experience emotion?
The ____________ receives input from regions such as the anterior cingulated cortex, a higher-level center for processing emotion.
the id, the ego, and the superego.
Freud suggested that there are three interacting systems that can explain the dynamics of the human mind. These three systems refer to:
Carl Rogers
__________ emphasized the importance of unconditional positive regard in healthy personality development.
reciprocal determinism
Katrina is a worrier. She worries about her family, her friends, and herself. She is particularly aware of potential hazards in the environment, and she sees the world as a dangerous place. Her personality is shaped by how she interprets and reacts to events. Bandura called this process:
mood disorder
Elaine feels that her life is empty. She has lost interest in career and hobbies, and she wonders if she would be better off dead. She is most likely suffering from a(n):
positive symptoms
Frank was seen laughing inappropriately in the library as if he was responding to internal stimuli. On the bus home, he was crying uncontrollably and suddenly became angered when a fellow passenger offered him a tissue. His excess of inappropriate behavior is known as: