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7 th grade Chapter 8 Migration


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What is the term for when people from other countries enter the US to start new lives?
What are three major push factors that cause people to leave their home country?
Hunger, poverty, and violent conflict
What are three major pull factors drawing people to the US?
Family, schools, and freedom
Immigrants help to build the US economy by.....
Starting new businesses
What do the holidays St.Patrick's Day, Cinco De Mayo, and Chinese New Year all have in common?
These holidays came to the US with the immigrants that came here
What is Brain Drain?
The loss of skilled workers who move to other countries
What is the definition of remittances?
Payments sent by immigrants to family members in their home country
People who seek safety by going to another country are called...
People may become _____ ______ when their government rules through fear
Political refugees
If a woman enrolled in a US university, most likely had what factor bringing her here to the US?
Education PULL factor
If a man comes to the US to live with relatives who emigrated to the US many years before. What most likely helped him make that decision?
Family PULL factor
Many people who come to the US for schooling......
Decide to make the US their permanent home
If an immigrant student graduates from a US college, expecting to make a good living, what type of factor reflects the reason for coming to the US?
Quality of life (improved) factor
Which immigrants brought the St. Patrick's Day celebration to the US?
How do celebrations like St. Patrick's Day change American society?
They teach Americans about the cultures immigrants come from
How do immigrants benefit the US? List three ways
They work at many different kinds of jobs and help keep the economy going, they pay taxes that help pay for public services, and they help Americans learn more about other cultures
Why do some native born Americans resent immigrants?
They fear that immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans
When family members get jobs in the US, they often send money that they earn home. These payments home are called...
How do remittance payments help families in other countries?list three
They may pay to care for elderly parents, they might help siblings emigrate to the US, they might help pay for repairs to a home
Brain Drain occurs when these people emigrate ....
Young, skilled workers and well educated professionals
Since 1829 more than 65 million people have immigrated to the US. What conclusion could be drawn from this statement?
The US is a nation made largely of immigrants and their descendants
The term for a constant flow of immigrants from one country to another is called
Migration stream
In the first two waves of immigration to the US the people were mostly from ...
The third wave of immigrants to the US , which is still going on today, is mostly made up of people from...
Latin America and Asia
The "Lost Boys of Sudan" fled Sudan because of
War and Genocide
Cubans that leave Cuba because the government put people in jail if they spoke out against the government air an example of a ...
Political PUSH factor
Leaving your home because there is poisoned air, soil, and water is an example of an.....
Environmental PUSH factor
Leaving your country to improve your future and make more money in a new country is an example of a ...
Quality of life PULL factor
Spreading cultural features from one place to another is called...
To move FROM a country is to...
To move TO a country is to ...
These factors drive people to leave their home
PUSH factors
These factors attract people to move to a new place
PULL factors
Refugees may be leaving their country for many reasons...list three
Fear that they will be attacked because of a religious belief, escaping political unrest, or escaping a war