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What is the normal range of bicarbonate concentration in the blood?
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A nursing instructor is explaining the sodium-potassium pump in fluid balance to a nursing student. Which statement by the student shows effective teaching regarding the sodium-potassium pump?pumping out 3 sodium ions and pumping 2 K ions inA patient's blood pH is 7.1, partial pressure carbon dioxide (Pco2) is 16 mm Hg, and bicarbonate (HCO3) concentration is 5mEq/L. Which acid-base imbalance has the patient developed?metabolic acidosisAn adult patient is diagnosed with Marfan syndrome after presenting with joint pain and weakness and numbness in the legs. Which other clinical finding for this diagnosis would be a treatment priority?pneumothoraxWhich is an example of passive acquired adaptive immunity?infants receiving immunity through breast milkWhich immunity is developed by an individual after experiencing an illness?Active acquired adaptive immunityThe nurse is reviewing the complete blood count of a client who presents with fever. The white blood cell count of the client is 15,000 cells/mL. Which condition has the client developed?leukocytosisWhich component of the blood is involved during an inflammatory response due to a respiratory burst from the mitochondria?LymphocytesWhich is the pressure exerted by the solutes in solution?Osmotic pressure-The pressure exerted by the solutes (electrolytes and proteins) in a solution is osmotic pressure.A patient who is hypervolemic has a headache, muscle cramp, vomiting, and looks confused. Which condition has the client developed?HyponatremiaEdema occurs whenthere is increased hydrostatic (water) pressure and decreased osmotic(solutes) pressurenormal values of ABGsThe pressure of the gases in the bloodstream Pao2: the pressure of oxygen in the arterial blood (90 to 100 mm Hg) Paco2: the pressure of carbon dioxide in arterial blood (35 to 45 mm Hg) HCO3-: the amount of bicarbonate ion in the blood (22 to 26 mEq/liter) Sao2: saturation of Hgb with oxygen: 95% to 100%Which condition is caused by an increase in the amount of potassium in the blood?HyperkalemiaWhich is a physical assessment finding of respiratory acidosis?HypotensionWhich condition is called hypocalcemia?Serum calcium less than 8.5 mg/dLinnate immunefirst and immediateThe adaptive immune system comes to the body's defense afterinnate systemactive acquired adaptive immunityis obtained through exposure to an antigen or through immunization (vaccine). The patient's body has to synthesize specific immunoglobulins against an antigenpassive acquired adaptive immunitypremanufactured immunoglobulins. short-term immunity. Example: hepatitis B immunoglobulin (Hbig) and immunoglobulins in breast milkedema low amount of solute in the bloodstreamcheck serum albumin levelhypotonicfewer particles and more water dehydration treatmenthypertonicmore particles and less water diminish cell swellinghypocapniadiminished partial pressure of CO2what change occurs as a result of hypoventilation?partial pressure of CO2 increasesT lymphocytes occurthymus glandwhere does the conversion of a prohormone into a hormone take placegolgi apparatusWhat is the normal range of bicarbonate concentration in the blood?22-26