Exam 3 Cyclic Sugars

What do aldose and ketose become during cyclic formation
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Tollens' test is intended to identify "reducing sugars," or sugars with the capacity to serve as reducing agents. Specifically, sugars with hemiacetal groups can undergo mutarotation, allowing them to be oxidized by CuO. The process of mutarotation requires ring opening, which occurs at a hemiacetal group. Thus, sugars with hemiacetal groups can be oxidized and can thus function as reducing sugars.
What is the Benedict's test?test to indicate reducing sugars. reduces all monosaccharides and some disaccharides.What is benedict's test used fordetect sugar in bloodWhat happens when carbonyl is reducedcarbonyl -> alcoholWhat does the reduction of monosaccharides producealditolWhat are the steps in glycosidic bond formationOH on the anomeric carbon attackes to closest carbonsHow do you determine if the bond is above or below ring?alpha is below ring and beta is above