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State and Local Government

Chapter 9-11
The State Board of Education
determines policy in the administration of public education by the independent school districts under legislative guidelines.
is the transferring of responsibility for responsibility for government programs from the federal level to the state governments.
The mission of the Sunset Advisory Commission is to
recommend the merging, abolition, or continuation of state agencies.
Deregulation means that
Business practices are governed by market forces.
The ability of the Public Utilities Commission to regulate communication in Texas is somewhat limited by
the policies of the national government.
The term jurisdiction refers to
the types of cases that a court is competent to hear and decide.
A court that hears and decides causes tried for the first time has
original jurisdiction
Other judges of local courts, which must be an attorney licensed to practice law in Texas?
County court at law judge
County jails are employed for all of the following purposes in Texas except to
confine persons who are unable to pay their debts.
Private prisons contracting with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice are most likely to house
nonviolent offenders
Which statement regarding judicial districting is incorrect?
The legislature assigns one judicial district for every 60,000 inhabitants of the state.
Which of the following is not a Texas constitutional guarantee regarding jury rights of persons in Texas?
Jury verdicts in all cases must be unanimous.
When a case can be heard only one court, that court is said to have
exclusive jurisdiction.
Implementing reforms in the method and procedure for selecting Texas judges would likely require
substantial revision of Article V of the Texas Constitution.
The Texas Constitution requires:
that state spending be in balance with state revenues, except to meet casual deficiencies in the treasury and other narrow purposes.
Spending for public assistance
ranks Texas near the bottom of the 50 states in public assistance available to indigent persons.
According to the reading "Put this Effort in Drive
the Legislature should reverse its indifference to the Texas parks system.