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RBCs are being produced at a rapid rate

large number of reticulocytes in the blood is an indication that


Most active as phagocytes...


Erythroblastosis fetalis is most likely to become a problem in RH-negative mothers as a SECOND Rh....fetus develops

heparin prevent blood clotting

inhibiting the formation of prothrombin activator and the action of thrombin on fibrinogen

parietal pericardium

tissue that forms a loose fitting sac around the heart

ventricular systole

when the blood pressure in the systemic arteries is greatest

S-A node

normal pacemaker of heart


anemia and polycythemia tend to increase blood pressure


carbon monoxide causes asphyxiation of tissue by binding with the hemoglobin at the same site that oxygen does but more rapidly


most carbon dioxide from cellular metabolism is carried to the lung is dissolved in the blood


iron from old RBCs cannot be used again


in the adult RBCs are produced primarily in the liver


an abnormally low leukocyte count is called leukocytesis


the coronary sinus drains from the wall of the heart into the left atrium


the aorta is the largest artery within the pulmonary circuit

anterior interventricular artery

branch of the left coronary artery

posterior interventricular artery

branch of the right coronary artery


plasma protein associated with water balance


plasma protein associated with immunity


plasma protein associated with blood clotting


very low density lipoprotein

uric acid

non protein nitrogenous substances found in the plasma


very low density lipoprotein


phospholipid that aids in lacteal absorption


late phagocytosis


25-35% of WBC count

smooth endothelium

prevents plug formation

repels platelets

negatively charged endothelium


digests thrombin


inhibits prothombin activator


decrease in blood CO2 conventration and a rise in pH

internal respiration

exchange of gases between blood and body cells


how most oxygen is transported in the blood

carbon dioxide

primary chemical stiumulus for breathin is the concertration of____ in the blood

t cells attach

cell mediated immunity is a process whereby__ themnselves directly to antigens and destroy them

naturally acquired active immunity

type of resistance that is acquired as a result of developing a disease

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