Roman Facts I

21 terms by NantucketViking Teacher

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Romulus & Remus

Mythological founding twins


Class of citizens with power in the early Republic


Class of citizens who could not have government positions in the early Republic

510/509 B.C.

Date that the Republic was created

c. 1000 B.C.

Date that migrants built first villages which would become Rome


Leader of purported Trojan settlement in Italy


Etruscan form of government


Number of hills in settlement of Rome


Number of senators in Roman Republic


Number of consuls in Roman Republic

Limit Power

Reason for existence of 2 consuls


Manner in which consuls were determined

c. 753 B.C.

Date that the twins purportedly founded Rome

To Limit Power

Reason why consuls only had one-year terms


Title of epic poem about Trojan settlement in Italy


Name of author of epic poem about Trojan settlement of Latium


Important literary element possibly learned from Etruscans


Important skills learned from Etruscans


People, other than Etruscans, who greatly influenced Roman culture


Important sanitation device learned from Etruscans


Rome's river

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