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du jour

of the day

caveat emptor

as is - buyer beware

e.pluribus unum

out of many one

hoi polloi

the masses of people

femme fatale

dangerous woman


respond quickly (Respond sender very promptly)

carpe diem

seize the day

ad nauseum

to the point of nausea

savoir faire

with great distinction and handsomeness



deja vu

to remember again

faux pas

big mistake or miss step

bon voyage

have a nice boat trip

alma mater

the school one has attended

cum laude

to graduate with honors


word for word

prima donna

a principal singer or dancer; usually refers to a woman who is used to getting whatever she wanted

status quo

stays the same

joie de vivre

the joy of life

carte blanche

open menu in which every side item has its. own cost

carpe diem

seize the day

tempus fugit

a scandal

c'est la vie

that's life

bona fide

declared authentic

savoir faire

high style; knowing how to behave in hig society

no sequitor

a statement of conclusion that does not make sense based on previous information

enfant terrible

horrid child

terra firma

on solid ground

vox populi

the voice of the people

ad hoc

for this special purpose

mea culpa

my fault. My "bad"

haute couture

high fashion

nom de plume

writing under an assumed name

Modus Operandi

M.O. pattern a person usesz to commit a crime

je nais se quoi

has the "it facto

quid pro quo

one thing given in the place of another

persona non grata

person un acceptable in diplomatic terms

Magna opus


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