天气 tiānqì


比 bǐ

indicates comparison

下雨 xià yǔ

to rain

报上 bàoshang

in/on the newspaper

预报 yùbào


更 gèng

even more - used in comparison

不但...而且búdàn..., érqiě

]not only..., but also

会 huì

indicates probability

暖和 nuǎnhuo

warm weather

一点儿 yìdiǎnr

a bit

约 yuē

to make an appointment with someone

公园 gōngyuán


红叶 hóngyè

red autumn leaves

怎么办 zěnme bàn

what to do

录像 lùxiàng

video recording

糟糕 zāogāo

[Adj] in a terrible mess, too bad, bad luck

又 yòu

[Adv] again - usu. indicates original action & repetition usually occurred in the past
Note: 再 also means again, but indicates an anticipated repetition of the action

刚才 gāngcái

[T] just now, a moment ago

这个 zhège

[Pr] this

出去 chūqu

[VP] to go out

热 rè

[Adj] hot

舒服 shūfū

[Adj] comfortable

夏天 xiàtiān

[N] summer

这样 zhèyàng

[Pr] so, like this

凉快 liángkuai

[Adj] nice and cool weather

春天 chūntiān

[N] spring (

冬天 dōngtiān

[N] winter (

又...又... yòu... yòu...

both... and...

冷 lěng

[Adj] cold

闷 mēn

[Adj] stuffy

下次 xià cì

[M] time - measure word for occurrence (cì)
combined: next time

最好 zuìhǎo

[Adv] had better

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