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At most crime scenes, investigators should expect to find full fingerprints.
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Swimmers at a local fishing hole discover a body on the riverbank. Upon examination of the body, Medical Examiner Martinez determines that the victim did not drown in the river. The victim sustained a gunshot wound to their chest, which proved fatal, and then was thrown into the river. Investigators find a large amount of blood spatter in the victim's kitchen. In this scenario, what would the victim's kitchen be considered?
What is the first step in collecting a firearm in a crime scene?Make sure the gun is unloaded.Investigator Campbell has bullets that were collected from the crime scene and puts them under her comparison microscope. What other item would she need to examine?Test bullets fired from the suspected gunWhat is the first step in recording an impression?Taking a photographThe primary concern for law enforcement when collecting evidence is making sure that the collection helps prove the suspect's guilt.FalseLeone Lattes found a way of using a comparison microscope to improve this technique to better match bullets.falseNote-taking is important because they may be referred to again before a trial—sometimes months or years after the initial investigation.trueClass characteristics serve as corroboration for other, more subjective pieces of evidence in a courtroom (like witness testimony).trueInvestigator Jones has searched an area for fingerprints but hasn't found any in his initial visual examination of an area. Investigator Jones still needs to verify that there are no fingerprints at the scene. What kind of fingerprints would he begin looking for?Latent fingerprintsOnce serial numbers are ground off, there is no way to recover them.falseA young woman was found with a gunshot wound to the forehead. Investigator Barnes finds a large amount of gunpowder residue around the wound. What does this tell the investigator?The shooter fired the gun close to her foreheadLividity in a dead body is caused by capillaries decaying due to de-oxygenation.true?What circumstance would allow an officer to search a home even if they didn't have a warrant?The homeowner lets them into the house and tells them they can search it.The distribution or scatter of bones at a crime scene gives no indication about the time of death.falseYou discover multiple bones spread out across a wide area and find that someone experienced a "sky burial," where their body is placed on a mountain to decompose while exposed to the local weather and scavenger animals. Through this analysis, you have performed a form of:taphonomy ??The morphology of a hair sample can tie the hair to a single person.falseGiving expert testimony is a fairly easy part of the forensic scientist's job.falseUnder a comparison microscope, investigators look for matching markings or striations.trueWhat makes bullet holes wider on the exit side of a piece of glass?The high velocity of the bullet's impactWhich of the following is an example of a physical property?The thickness of glass shards from a crime sceneWhen an ancient cemetery was found in Germany in 2016, which sub-field of forensics was likely called upon?A large online credit card hack involving multiple financial institutions resulted in the loss of billions of dollars. Which type of forensics would likely be called to investigate the case?Digital forensicsEyewitnesses are people who viewed a recording of the crime after it occurred.falseA bloody footprint or fingerprint would be considered a passive stain.falseKelly has decided to grow her hair out to donate it to charity. She has a ponytail right now that is 0 centimeters long, but the charity requires candidates to have ponytails at least 10 centimeters long. How long does she have to grow her hair out before she can consider donating her hair?a little less than a yearAn investigator's analysis of the root of a strand of hair has uncovered little DNA to analyze. They would likely concludethe hair was shed naturallyEach piece of evidence that is collected should be placed in a separate container.trueDigital forensics are engaged in by companies like Walmart and Target.falseNot all evidence is easily identified as evidence.trueForensic anthropologists are trying to determine the age of a male skeleton that has been uncovered. They conclude that he must have been between 16 and 19 judging by the measurement of histibiaIf soil is found on the bottom of a shoe, the soil is left on the shoe and the entire shoe is taken to the crime lab.trueNatalie is a crime scene photographer. One of the first things she does when she begins to work a crime scene is to set her camera on wide-angle and take several shots of the scene from different vantage points. The kind of photos Natalie is collecting are calledoverview photographsThe gradual cooling of the body after death until it reaches the temperature of the air around it is called:Algor MortisInvestigator DeMartino is called to the scene of a homicide. The victim's body is found to be completely stiff, even to the point where the investigator cannot bend the victim's legs. This stage of death is calledrigor mortisInvestigator Lang arrives at the scene at 1 am Saturday to find the victim's body and concludes that rigor mortis had just begun to set in. Calculating back, what time did the victim most likely die?Between 7 pm and 11 pm Friday nightWhich kind of blood stain develops due to gravity?PassiveMaura has just discovered that she is blood type O negative, highly valuable because it can be given to almost anyone in a life-threatening emergency. What forensic scientist is responsible for categorizing blood types?Karl LandsteinerWhat tool would investigators use to recover a serial number that has been ground off?An etching agentIn a murder trial, which person testifying to the jury is classified as an eyewitness?A person who claimed to see a car of a certain make/model leaving the scene of a crimeBefore someone is arrested, a suspect is informed of their Miranda rights. Among other things, what did this inform them of?Their right to legal representation/ a lawyer