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  1. waning
  2. full moom
  3. rotation
  4. penumbra
  5. Jean Foucalt
  1. a concluded that the earth rotates using a pendulum expirement
  2. b decreasing in size
  3. c the daily mtotion of all objects is due to the _________ of earth on its axis
  4. d we see all of lit side
  5. e lighter outer part of shadow

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  1. equal day in night around march 20-21
  2. proposed geocentric theory
  3. pattern earth revolves around sun
  4. caused by motion and movement of materials inside earths core
  5. no moon is visible

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  1. Eratosthenesobserved earth casting curved shadow on moon


  2. galileosupported heliocentric theory and was punished by church


  3. lunar eclipsemoon casts shadow on earth


  4. winter solsticelongest day of year around june 21-22


  5. 27.3 daystime it takes for one rev on moon