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  1. sailors
  2. Aristole
  3. summer solstice
  4. 365.24 days
  5. 23.5
  1. a longest day of year around june 21-22
  2. b time it takes for earth to evolves around sun
  3. c observed ships apearing and disappearing on horizon
  4. d observed earth casting curved shadow on moon
  5. e tilt of earth in degrees

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  1. time it takes for earth to rotate, we round to 24
  2. 1st to calculate the circumfernece of th earth in 240 BC using the legnth of shadows in two cities
  3. pattern earth revolves around sun
  4. proposed heliocentric theory
  5. _______ planets orbit the earth at a ____________ speed-heliocentric theory

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  1. penumbradark part of shadow


  2. waxingincreasing in size


  3. new moonno moon is visible


  4. 27.3 daystime it takes for moon to complete one rotation


  5. 29.5 daystime it takes for one rev on moon