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  1. Ptolemy
  2. lit
  3. spring equinox
  4. 5, constant
  5. new moon
  1. a equal day in night around march 20-21
  2. b _______ planets orbit the earth at a ____________ speed-heliocentric theory
  3. c proposed geocentric theory
  4. d no moon is visible
  5. e as the moon revolves around earth we see different fractions of the____ side

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  1. time it takes for one rev on moon
  2. equal day and night around sept 22-23
  3. longest day of year around june 21-22
  4. supported heliocentric theory and was punished by church
  5. time it takes for earth to evolves around sun

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  1. Nicolaus Capernicusmoon casts shadow on earth


  2. waningdecreasing in size


  3. lunar eclipseearth casts shadow on moon


  4. oblate sheriodthe daily mtotion of all objects is due to the _________ of earth on its axis


  5. first quarterwe see left side of moon