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  1. 23.5
  2. stars
  3. spring equinox
  4. waning
  5. Jean Foucalt
  1. a equal day in night around march 20-21
  2. b decreasing in size
  3. c tilt of earth in degrees
  4. d ___ are in thick stationary shell out past saturn in heliocentric
  5. e concluded that the earth rotates using a pendulum expirement

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  1. dark part of shadow
  2. we see right half of side
  3. pattern earth revolves around sun
  4. observed earth casting curved shadow on moon
  5. time it takes for one rev on moon

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  1. Eratosthenes1st to calculate the circumfernece of th earth in 240 BC using the legnth of shadows in two cities


  2. sailorsobserved ships apearing and disappearing on horizon


  3. littilt of earth in degrees


  4. lunar eclipsemoon casts shadow on earth


  5. solar eclipsemoon casts shadow on earth


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