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blood lipid profile
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double bondsOleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid. Linoleic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid. They differ in their number of ________.Bile is a digestive enzyme that acts as an emulsifierWhich statement about lipid digestion is FALSE?Nondairy coffee creamerWhich of the following is a potentially harmful lipid?20,000About how many protein-coding genes are in the human genome?tertiaryThe tangled shape of a polypeptide is its ________ structure, which gives it maximum stability.CollagenScars are made from which type of protein?80 gWhat is the average daily protein intake in U.S.?PepsinWhich digestive enzyme hydrolyzes protein in the stomach?A blood clotting proteinWhat is fibrin?help maintain a constant pHProteins acts as buffers because they ________.transcriptionThe process of messenger RNA being made from a template of DNA is ________.TurkeyWhich of the following foods contains all of the essential amino acids in relatively the same amounts that the human body requires?StomachIn what part of the GI tract is pepsin active?dehydrationAn otherwise healthy person regularly consuming a high-protein diet risks ________.It is digested due to the high pHWhat happens when pepsin enters the small intestine?8 gAbout how much protein is provided by 1 cup of milk?The side groupWhat element of their chemical structure differentiates one amino acid from another?25%The liver stores about ________ of the body's total glycogen.AmylaseWhich of the following enzymes begins digestion?Dietary fiber lingers in the small intestineWhich statement about non-digestible carbohydrates is FALSE?fermentableFibers that can be digested by bacteria in the GI tract are called ________.HoneyWhich sweetener is formed from nectar and always contains a mixture of sucrose, fructose, and glucose?liverFructose and galactose are mostly metabolized through the ________.130Given the average minimum amount of glucose used by the brain, the Recommended Daily Allowance for carbohydrate is ________ g.irritable bowel syndromeA low-FODMAP diet typically is used to improve the symptoms of _______.45% - 65%Carbohydrates should provide ________ of the day's total energy intake to support good health.SteviaWhich nonnutritive artificial sweetener is herb-derived and generally recognized as safe?Small intestineIn which part of the GI tract do enzymes hydrolyze the disaccharides into monosaccharides?16One teaspoon of sugar provides 4 grams of carbohydrates and about ________ kcalories.StarchWhich term is defined as a plant polysaccharide composed of many glucose molecules?