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CNS depressants

what are some exapmles of CNS depressants
barbiturates, benxo, dhloral hydrate, glutehimide, meprobamate ETOH
what are some physical intoication effects with CNS depressants
slurred speech, incoordination, unsteady gait, dreowsiness, decreased blood pressur
what are some psychological perceptual effects of CNS depressants
disinhibiton of sex drive or aggressive sex drive
impaired judgment
impaired social or occupational function
impaired attention or memory
what are some OD effects of CNS depressants
Cardio or respiratory depression or arrest
what are some possible treatments of OD
if awake, keep awake
induce vomiting
give activated charcoal for absorption of drug
check vs q 15
if COMA:
clear airway
IV fluids
gastric lavage with activated charcoal
frequent vs checks
sizure precations
hemodialysis or pertoneal dialysis
Give romazicon IV
what are some withdrawal effects of CNS depressants
N/v, tachycardia, diaphoresis, aniety or irritablility, tremors in hands, fingers eyelids, marked insomnia, seziures, delirium
what are some WD treatments of CNS depressants
perform carefully titrated detoxification with similar drug ABRUPT withdrawal can lead to death
what are some examples of CNS stimulants
cocaine and amphetamines
what are some intoxication effects of CNS stimulants cocaine
tachycardia, dilated pupils, elevated BP N/V, insomnia, assaultivenss, gradiosity, impaired judgment, impaired social and occupational functioning, ephoria
what are some intociation effects of amphetmines
increased energy, incrased wakefulness, increased respiration, increased hyperthermia, euphoria, paranoid schizophrenia, delusion, psychosis, hallucination severe to panic level anxiety, potential violence
Paranoia may presist for months afterwards
what are some OD effects of stimulants
respiratory destress, ataxia, hyperpyrexia, convulsions, coma stroke, MI, death
what are some possible treatmetns of OD stimulants
antipsychotic medication, nursing management for convulsion (diazepam), hyperprexia, respiratory distress, cardiovascular shock, acidification of vrine,
What are some WD effects of stimulants
fatigue, depression, agitation, apathy, anxiety, sleepiness,disorientation, lethargy,cravings
whar are possible WD treatments of stimulants
antidepressants (desipramine) dopamine agonist (dromocriptine)
what are some examples of opiates
opium, heroin, demerol, MS, codeine, methadone, hydromorphoine (dilaudid), fetnanyl, fentanyl analogues
what are some intoxication effects of opiates
constrictued pupils, decreased resp, drowsiness, decreased bp, slurred speech, psychomotor retardation, intial euphoria followed by dysphoria nad impairment of attention, judgment, and memory
what are some signs of OD of opiates
possivle dilation of pupils as a result of anoxia, respiratory depression or arrest, cardiac arrest or death, coma, shock, convulsions, death
what are some possible treatments of opiate OD
naloxone (narcaon to quicly reverse CNS depression
what are some WD effects of opiates
yawning, insomnia, irritablility, runny nose, panic, diaphoresis, cramps, n/v, muscle aches "bone pain", chills, fever, lacrimation, diarrhea
what are some WD treatments for opiates
methadone tapering, clonidine-naltrexone for detoxification, buprenorphine substitution
what are some examples of Hallucinogens
LSD. mescaline (peyote), psilocybine
intoxication effects of hallucinogens LSD
pupil dilation, tachycardia, diaphoresis, palpitations, tremors, incoordination, elevated temperture, pulse and respiration
fear of going crazy, paranoid ,anxiety , depresison, synethesia (hearing colors and seeing words), depersonalization, hallucination, grandiosity
intoxication effects of PCP
nystagmus, incrased vs, ataxia, muscle rigidity, sezures, blank stare, jerking, agitated repetitive movements, belligerence, assaultiveness, impulsiveness, impaired judgment, impaired social and occupational functioning, hallucinations, paranoia, bizarre behavior, regressive behavior, very labile
what are overdose effects of hallucinogens
LDS psychosis brain damage, death
PCP psychosis, hypertensive crisis, respiratory arrest, hyperthermia, seizures
what are some treatments of OD LSD
deep patient in room with low stimuli
stay with patient
reassurm patient "talk down"
speak slowly and clearly in low voice
give diazepame or chloral hydrated for extreme anxiety or tension
what are some treats of OD PCP
caution with use of gastric lavage becasue can cause laryngeal spasame or aspirtion
cramberry juice or ascoric acid to help excrete out of body
put in room with minimual stimuli
DO NOT talk down, speak slwly, clearly and in low voice
adminsiter diazepam
haloperidol may be used for sever behavioral disturbance
medical treatment of hyperthermia, resp distress, high BP,
what are some examples of inhalants
solvents, gases, nitrates
intoxication effectsof inhalants
similar to alcohol slurred speech, lack of inhibition, drunkeness, violent behavior
what are some OD effects of inhalants
liver and brain damage
heart failure
resp arrest
coma death
what are some treatments of inhalants
support affected system, neurological symptoms may respond to vit B12 and folate