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8th Grade Physical Science--California State Standards

Chemical Bond

The joining of 2 or more atoms by their electrons

Ionic Bond

Chemical Bond--Transfer of electrons

Covalent Bond

Chemical Bond--Sharing of electrons


2 or more ATOMS chemically combined


2 or more DIFFERENT ELEMENTS chemically combined, a pure substance

Properties of Compounds

Completely different properties than the elements in them

Electron Shells

Layers of electrons, 1st layer maximum of 2 electrons, then 8....

Valance Electrons

Outermost ring of electrons, able to form chemical bonds.

Octet Rule

Atoms like to have 8 Valance Electrons

Noble Gases

Have complete valance electron shells so they usually do not form bonds.

Chemical formula

Chemical symbols, and subscript numbers that describe a molecule or compound

Strong Bonds

Covalent Bonds (strength)

Weaker Bonds

Ionic Bonds (strength)

High Melting Point

Ionic bonds (have you ever melted salt with heat?)

Low Melting Point

Covalent bonds (butter is fat, fat is covalent bonds, is it easy to melt?)

Types of Elements in Covalent Bonds

Bonds between 2 or more Non-Metals

Types of Elements in Ionic Bonds

Bonds between Metals and Non-Metals

Poor Conductor

Covalent Bonds electrical conductivity

Good Conductor

Ionic Bonds electrical conductivity

Metallic Bonds

Bonding where electrons are shared and FREELY move around

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