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criminal investigation midterm study cards

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What criminal investigation technique analyzes the locations of a connected series of crimes to determine where the offender most likely resides?

-Psychological profiling
-Case linkage
-Geographic profiling
-Investigative linkage
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Which of the following statements is a major recommendation that arose from the PERF study?

-Since physical evidence is seldom used in identifying suspects, less emphasis should be placed on gathering such evidence.

-Police departments should develop policies and guidelines encouraging the use of evidence technicians in routine cases such as burglary and robbery even when there has been no physical injury to victims.

-Greater emphasis should be placed on the collection and use of physical evidence because it can be effective in corroborating other evidence of suspect identification.

-Police officers should limit time locating witnesses through the use of a neighborhood canvass since this effort is highly ineffective and thus wastes critical time required to solve cases.