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  1. stage 3
  2. corpus cavernosum
  3. Meiosis I of spermatogenesis
  4. Coiter
  5. Corona radiata
  1. a discovered and described corpus luteum
  2. b tissue surrounding corpus spongiosum
  3. c granulosa cells surrounding ovum
  4. d each primary spermatocyte forms 2 secondary spermatocytes
  5. e the placenta is delivered during _______________ of parturition

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  1. transport of spermatozoa, enlarged end near urethra is called ampula
  2. acrosomic vesicle flattens to form cap over nucleus
  3. group of follicles grow in response to gonadotropins
  4. differentiation completed, cytoplasmic droplet forms on neck
  5. outside germ layer, origin of central nervous system, sense organs, skin, hair, hooves

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  1. urethraexcretory duct for urine and semen, extends from junction of ampullae and end of penis


  2. Primary Follicleovum surrounded by a single layer of cuboidal granulosa cells


  3. zona pellucidashell around the embryo, discarded after hatching


  4. sowgestation : 114 days


  5. trophoblastoutside embryo, surround blastocoele, will develop into placental membranes