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  1. endometrium
  2. cow
  3. corpus cavernosum
  4. sheep & goats
  5. spermatocytogenesis
  1. a mucosa = what layer of the uterus
  2. b gestation : 281 days
  3. c each active spermatogonia forms 16 primary spermacytes, 4 mitotic divisions
  4. d "short day" breeders
  5. e tissue surrounding corpus spongiosum

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  1. what part of the epididymis stores spermatozoa
  2. stimulates development of male external genitalia
  3. cavity within CL, larger cavity is considered cysts
  4. migrates to one end of the embryo, develops into fetus
  5. middle layer of the oviduct, smooth muscle

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  1. Vasa efferentiatransport of spermatozoa, enlarged end near urethra is called ampula


  2. maresembryos must travel throughout the uterus to give the signal for maternal recognition of pregnancy in ________


  3. Cumulus oophorusovulation and CL formation


  4. Granulosa cellsinner layer of oviduct, ciliated epithelial cells


  5. CLsecreted from the anterior pituitary, stimulates follicle growth