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  1. epididymis
  2. Isthmus
  3. Prostate gland
  4. Bulbospongiosus muscle
  5. stage 2
  1. a where does sperm gain motility, gain fertility, loose cytoplasmic droplet
  2. b single gland around urethra
  3. c the fetus is delivered during _______________ of parturition
  4. d extends along bottom of penis
  5. e last segment of the oviduct, closest to uterus,
    smaller than ampula

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  1. insertion of penis
  2. discovered and described corpus luteum
  3. funnel shaped opening near ovaries
  4. acrosomic vesicle flattens to form cap over nucleus
  5. what part of the epididymis stores spermatozoa

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  1. cystic CLcavity within CL, larger cavity is considered cysts


  2. Basement Membraneserosa = what layer of the uterus


  3. Prostaglandinssynthesized from arachiodonic acid
    ex: prostaglandin


  4. morulaouter layer of the oviduct, connective tissue


  5. maturation phasedifferentiation completed, cytoplasmic droplet forms on neck