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  1. oxytocin
  2. Zygote
  3. myometrium
  4. spermatocytogenesis
  5. Mesometrium
  1. a supports uterus
  2. b muscularis = what layer of the uterus
  3. c posterior pituitary produces what hormone
  4. d single-celled embryo
  5. e each active spermatogonia forms 16 primary spermacytes, 4 mitotic divisions

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  1. embryos remain spherical after hatching in...._______
  2. change in morphology, each round spermatid forms an elongated spermatozoa
  3. blastocoele, inner cell mass, trophoblast, zona pellucida
  4. middle germ layer, origin of skeletal system, muscular system, circulatory system
  5. early source of nutrients, exists on temporarily

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  1. germ cellslocated between seminiferous tubules
    produce testosterone


  2. Prolactinregression of CL, rapid follicle growth


  3. ramgreatest average sperm concentration in semen


  4. vanLeeuwenhoekgroup of follicles grow in response to gonadotropins


  5. Epithelial cellsline the alveoli, use nutrients from blood to synthesize milk