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  1. Inhibin
  2. horses
  3. Prostaglandin
  4. Placenta
  5. Mucosa
  1. a embryos remain spherical after hatching in...._______
  2. b secreted from the follicle, inhibits FSH secretion
  3. c secreted from uterus, regression of the CL, contractions for parturition
  4. d releases hCG, and eCG
  5. e inner layer of oviduct, ciliated epithelial cells

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  1. failed ovulation, usually leads to nymphomania
  2. supplies blood to uterus, enlarges during gestation
  3. supports ovaries
  4. white scar after regression of CL
  5. discovered ova from follicles developed into embryos when united with sperm

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  1. trophoblastregression of CL, rapid follicle growth


  2. Tertiary Follicleovum surrounded by two or more layers of granulosa cells


  3. Meiosis II of spermatogenesiseach secondary spermatocyte divides and forms 2 haploid spermatids


  4. Mullerian Ductdevelop into female tract


  5. Zona Reactionsperm, occurs in the female tract


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