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  1. Ovarian Arteries
  2. FSH
  3. sows
  4. Serosa
  5. perimetrium
  1. a secreted from the anterior pituitary, stimulates follicle growth
  2. b outer layer of the oviduct, connective tissue
  3. c supply blood to ovaries, oviducts, and tips of uterine horns
  4. d a corpus luteum is required throughout the entire gestation in ________
  5. e serosa = what layer of the uterus

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  1. most likely used to stimulate anestrous females to initiate estrous cycles
  2. last segment of the oviduct, closest to uterus,
    smaller than ampula
  3. ball of cells
  4. first successful artificial insemination, hypothesized that sperm were fertilizing agents
  5. observed development of chick embryos

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  1. spermatocytogenesischange in morphology, each round spermatid forms an elongated spermatozoa


  2. Granulosa cellslocated between seminiferous tubules
    produce testosterone


  3. Zona Reactionthe release of spermatozoa into the lumen of seminiferous tubules


  4. Chorionouter layer of membranes from fusion of ectoderm and mesoderm


  5. diffusediscovered ova from follicles developed into embryos when united with sperm


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