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  1. Mesosalpinx
  2. ram
  3. trophoblast
  4. Fallopius
  5. Tunica dartos
  1. a discovered and described the ovideuct
  2. b layer of smooth muscle inside scrotum, provides sustained contractions
  3. c outside embryo, surround blastocoele, will develop into placental membranes
  4. d greatest average sperm concentration in semen
  5. e supports oviducts

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  1. mammary growth before puberty is stimulated primarily by ___________
  2. what part of the epididymis concentrates spermatozoa
  3. erectile tissue within labia
  4. ovum surrounded by two or more layers of granulosa cells
  5. free end of penis with many sensory nerves

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  1. boarhas the largest volume of ejaculate


  2. Primordial Follicleovum surrounded by a single layer of flat squamous cells


  3. sowsgreatest average sperm concentration in semen


  4. Cortexsite of follicle development
    outershell -livestock
    inside - mare


  5. endometriummucosa = what layer of the uterus