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  1. Lutenized Follicle
  2. Driesh
  3. Cremaster muscle
  4. Vagina
  5. sow
  1. a muscle connecting testes to the body
  2. b female organ of copulation
  3. c proved that life comes from single cell
  4. d corkscrew configuration cervix
  5. e failed ovulation, luteal tissue develops inside follicle

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  1. mucosa = what layer of the uterus
  2. single gland around urethra
  3. layer of tissue surrounding testis
  4. isthmus joins tip of uterine horn
  5. secreted from the posterior pituitary, stimulate smooth muscle contraction

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  1. cap phaseacrosomic vesicle flattens to form cap over nucleus


  2. intracytoplasmic injectionfertilization for in vitro


  3. Dominancelongitudinal mucosal folds (cervix)


  4. tailgreatest average sperm concentration in semen


  5. Bulbospongiosus muscleextends along bottom of penis