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Final Exam flash cards

Facilitated diffusion

In this type of passive transport process a solute, such as glucose, binds to a specific transporter protein on one side of the membrane and is released on the other side after the transporter protein undergoes a change in shape?

production of new cells

The function of mitosis is?


This type of membrane protein serves as sort of an anchor, and may connect the plasma membranes of two neighboring cells together.


The basic structural and functional units of an organism are:

TRUE OR FALSE: The lower the pH, the higher the H+ concentration.



This directional term means farthest from the midline.

swell and burst

A red blood cell placed in distilled (pure) water (which is hypotonic) would do this.


generate ATP


This type of bond requires a sharing of electrons.

rough endoplasmic reticulum

This organelle is studded with ribosomes, which synthesize proteins


One type of human cell (spermatozoan) is capable of movement because its has this type of microtubule.

What is an accurate statement regarding the fluid-mosaic model of cell membrane structure?

Phospholipids form a bilayer that is largely impermeable to water soluble molecules.


This is a transport process by which cells secrete vesicular materials into the extracellular fluid

Selective permeability

The characteristic of plasma membranes allowing only some substances to move through is known as


This type of reaction will absorb more energy than it releases


This plane divides the body into anterior and posterior portions

What statement best describes lipid molecules?

In general, they have few polar covalent bonds, and are therefore hydrophobic and insoluble in water.

Secondary Active Transport

In this transport process, the energy stored in the Na+ or H+ concentration gradient is used to drive other substances across the membrane against their own concentration gradients.


This is the study of the functions of body structures.

Lower right quadrant pain is most likely:

Acute Appendicitis

True or False: Most enzymes are non-specific, meaning they may bind to substrates indiscriminately and catalyze a wide range of reactions in the body.



This directional term means farther from the attachment of a limb to the trunk or farther from the origination of a structure.


include examples such as the bones, the skin, the heart and the lungs.


This type of lipid is used by the body to create hormones.

The pancreas is an organ that plays a role in the:

Endocrine and Digestive System

A false statement regarding cytoplasmic organelles would be:

The golgi complex is the site of protein transcription.

Which is the function of RNA?

Transfer information for protein synthesis

During _______ the chromosomal centromeres split and the chromosomes migrate to the opposite ends of the cell.



This type of triglyceride contains more than one double bond in the fatty acid carbon atoms.

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