sociology #5

religion involves
beliefs and practices concerning what is sacred
things are profane when we understand them
in terms of their everyday usefulness
formal, ceremonial behavior
faith is a way of knowing based on
conviction or belief in things unseen
sociological analysis of religion is concerned with
understanding patterns of religious activity and their effect on society
NOT a function of religion for society
fostering social conflict
guided by the symbolic interaction approach sociologists examine
all of the above
an analysis of how religion supports the interests of societys elites would fall under which of the following theoretical approaches
social conflict approach
what do the sacred texts of christianity judaism and islam have in common?
support for patriarchy
in his analysis of protestantism and the rise of capitalism max weber stated that protestantism
stressed duty and hard work boosting economic production and fostering the rise of capitalism
supporters of liberation theology hope that this social movement will achieve which of the following goals?
reducing social inequality and especailly poverty
a religious organization that is well integrated into the larger society is called a
the roman catholic church has existed in various forms including as a
state church
in the us the amish would be an example of a
religious organization that is largely outside a society's cultural tradictions
which religious organization began as a cult
all of the above
animism is the belief that
everything in the world is a conscious living force that is able to affect us
christianity is one example of which of the following types of religions
polytheism refers to
belief in many gods
in the us muslim population includes which of the following?
all of the above
the worlds largest concentration of jews is found in
north america
the oldest of the world religions discussed in the text
confucianism is closely linked to the tradictional culture of
compared to eastern religions, western religions
operate more ethical codes of conduct
in the us a majority of people claim to be
in the us....... are more religious than.......
all of the above
secularization refers to which of the following
the historical decline in the importance of the sacred
correct example of civil religion
singing patriotic song on the fourth of july
NOT a trait of religious fundamentalism
accepting religious pluralism
which of the following nations stands out as the most religious of all the high income countries
united states
education is the social institution by which society provides people with important knowledge including
all of the above
if you were to enter a school in ancient greece or china
the rich
about what share of children reach the secondary grades in school
two thirds
the major reason that schooling is limited in lower income nations is that
many poor children must work for income
what continent do we find the most countries with high rates of illiteracy
what point in us history had a majority of adults earned a high school diploma
the mid 1960s
in the us today what percentage of people over the age of twenty five have earned a four year college degree
29 percent
in the us the focus of education has always been
what is practical and job related
latent function of schooling
providing child care
social conflict analysis suggest that schooling in the us developed in the late nineteenth century because that was the time that
factory owners needed an obedient and disciplined workforce
result of tracking in schools
the students who get the best schooling are usually those who are more privilaged to begin with
as income goes up among us families we find that
the share of children going to college goes up
community colleges
all of the above
rigid bureaucracy harms schooling by
all of the above
for the us as a whole what percentage of people between ages 16 and 24 drop out before completing high school
8.7 percent
which categoris of us population has the highest dropout rate
the problem of functional illiteracy means that
many young people leave school without having learned basic skills
to improve us schooling a nation at risk recommended
all of the above
most grades given are
magnet schools encourage
students to specialize in specific areas of study
charter schools are
public schools that have the freedom to try new programs and policies
practice of including people with disabilites in regular educational classes and programs
public schools have been losing teachers in recent years because of
all of the above
a general lesson of sociological research is that
we cannot expect schools by themselves to improve the quality of education
the high rates of obesity in the us refelcts
all of the above
approximately what share of us adults is overweight
two thirds
society shapes human health because
all of the above
about how many of the worlds peole suffer from serious illness caused by poverty
1 billion
if you were to visit a low income nation to study its high death rates what would you suspect to be the most common causes of death
infectious disease
poor health in low income nations reflects
all of the above
in poor nations around the world about what share of all children die before they reach their first birthday
10 percent
during the early decades of the industrial revolution
all of the above
which of the following deseases is the biggest killer in todays high income nations
heart disease
after industrial revolution there was a increase in the share of deaths caused by whicgh of the following types of diseases
chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer
social epidemiology is the study of
the distribution of health and illness in a population
which of the following factors has a strong link to life expectancy
all of the above
correct about the health in the us
all of the above
what categories of the us population has the highest life expectancy
white women
the greatest prventable cause of death in the us is
cigarette smoking
what is the death toll in the us each year caused by diseases related to obesity
300,000 people
which of the following is a factor contributting to widespread obesity in us society
all of the above
which sexually transmitted disease infects 50 million us adults
genital herpes
an exception to the general decline of infectious diseases in the us is the increase in...... after 1960
sexually transmitted diseases
which of the following world regions is experiencing the most severe epidemic of AIDS
sub saharan africa
upon infection people with HIV
display no symptoms at all
which of the following statements is true
all of the above
is it correct to say that the medical establishment in the us is oriented towards which of the following
scientific medicine
holistic medicine asserts that
patients should rely on themselves not just physicians to ensure their health
which country relies the most onn a direct fee market system to pay for medical treatment
the us
socialized medicine
a medical system mostly owned and operated by the government
talcott parsons claimed that society responds to illness by
using the sick role to relieve ill poeple of many daily responsibilities
a criticism of talcott parsons approach to health and medicine is that it
all of the above
the topic psychosomatic disorders is of greatest interest to sociologists guided by which theoretical approach
the symbolic interaction approach
from a social conflict point of view capitalism fails to support human health because
it makes quality of care dependent on income
demography is the study of
human population
fertility refers to
the incidence of childbearing in a nations population
the maximum possible childbearing for women
the number of live births in a given year for every thousand people in a population
crude birth rate
has the highest birth rate and the highest infant mortality rate
the crude birth rate of high income nations such as the us is
below average
country with lowest infant mortality rate
in us the region of the country most often left behind is
NOT true about migration
migration has little or no effect on population size
why are sex ratios usually below 100
because women typically outlive men
through most of human history families had many children because
all of the above
when did the worlds population reach 1 billion
how much did the worlds population increase during the twentieth century
it quadrupled
how much of the global population increase is taking place in low income nations
96 percent
basic idea behind demographic transition theory
population patterns reflect a societys level of technological development
in the preindustrial stage of economic development population
increase very slowly with a high birth rate offset by a high death rate
which of the following nations would you expect to be most concerned about declining population
high income country such as japan
in low income countries increasing opportunites available to women is likely to
all of the above
about how long ago in history did the fist cities emerge
10,000 years ago
with the industrial revolution how did the physical design of cities change
all of the above
in what year was half the us population living in urban places for the first time
aobut when did urban centralization reach its peak in the us
urban decentralization has led to
all of the above
comparing sunbelt to snowbelt
sunbelt citites have larger populations and are larger in physical size
a vast urban region containing many cities and suburbs
type of social organization in which popele come together only on the basis of individual self interest
rural societies are held together by........ modern urban societies are held together by.......
likeness; difference
a third urban revolution is now taking place in
low income nations
the study of the interaction of living organisms and the natural environment
environmental dificit
long term harm to the environment caused by a short sighted focus on material affluence
the optimistic approach to environmental issues that claims science can promote progress and solve environmental problems
the logic of growth
expresses the limits to growth thesis
we are rapidly consuming the earths finite resources
the us can be described as
a disposable society
accounts for the most water use in the world today
evidence of the shortage of fresh water now found around the world
all of the above
why is the gradual loss of the worlds rain forests an important environmental concern
rainforests are vital to maintaining the planets biodiversity and climate
mounting evidence suggests that the average temperature of the planet is
the en ironmental racism thesis falls within which theoretical approach
the social conflict approach