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  1. chorus line a counterintuitive musical?
  2. Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Michael Eisner
  3. what song does todd become a self-appointed executioner
  4. broadway in 1970s
  5. chicago and a chorus line
  1. a no scenery, only mirrors, no real costumes, no setting, no intermission, no star
  2. b epiphany
  3. c economics leads to downturns; concept musicals lead to fewer and fewer jobs for dancers
  4. d Giuliani promised that he would clean up Times Square by the time Disney's theater opened and he did
  5. e chicago opened a few months before a chorus line and stole all its thunder

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  1. bad timing. the clowns are her and her former lover
  2. julie taymor
  3. early opera was all tragic and gave us aria and restitative. mozart changed it to be more light hearted.
  4. Jonathan Larson
  5. utilized song and dance to show the story. wanted to achieve a state of ecstasy to get closer to the gods

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  1. who wrote the original novel Phantom of the OperaGaston Leroux


  2. Wicked Delirious Cost of Ticketshad to sell more than 1300 tickets/day at Gershwin Theatre for a year to make a profit


  3. spectacle in Miss Saigonhelicopter taking away the American soldiers from Vietnam back to America


  4. what is james lapine's connection with sondheim and sunday in the parkwrote the book for the musical


  5. producer of miss saigonmackintosh