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  1. Star in Bring in 'Da Noise, Bring in 'Da Funk
  2. stephen sondheim
  3. brian stokes mitchell
  4. 1970s was time of
  5. 1960s musicals revived
  1. a darker. more streamlined
  2. b alienation, ambiguity, misanthropy, adultery, divorce
  3. c revivals of man of la mancha and kiss me, kate. ragtime with audra mcdonald
  4. d learned to compose by hammerstein. no happy endings. king of musical theater. created juxtaposition: crazy murders with a barbershop quartet (assassins)
  5. e Savion Glover

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  1. ragtime, "the entertainer," syncopation, didn't get much money because he was black
  2. no such thing as bad publicity
  3. was in guys and dolls, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, the producers
  4. Jelly Roll Morton
  5. producer, abominable showman. brought back big chorus, book spectacle musicals, critics reviews. would do anything to promote show, including taking person in audience with same name as reivew person and have them say the show was the best

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  1. companymusical version of monty python and holy grail. song "always look on the bright side"


  2. george m cohanAABA format. yankee doodle dandy, grand old flag, star spangled banner. as a performer, he was masculine and athletic. tilted against actors equity


  3. Diversity in Casting of Miss Saigoncolor-blind casting
    using British actors for American roles


  4. gilbert and sullivan influencessatirized the military and society. made operetta acceptable for satire, patter songs (key was to make rhyming couplets while making it funny


  5. the lion king was centered aroundtranslated from sentimental film to Broadway mega-hit