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  1. company
  2. a little night music song
  3. billy elliot
  4. The Lion King
  5. Cameron Mackintosh and The Phantom of the Opera
  1. a send in the clowns
  2. b translated from sentimental film to Broadway mega-hit
  3. c composed by sondheim. concept musical that shifted us away from book musicals
  4. d wanted to be a dancer but his dad wanted him to be a boxer. his dad and brother were union workers and manly men
  5. e signed Prince and Webber and opened the show in London West End and transferred to Broadway with $18 million in advance sales

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  1. bernadette peters and mandy patinkin
  2. emphasis on the upbeat, strong left hand
  3. the producers
  4. english language team headed by them
  5. his wife that he thought committed suicide

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  1. Puccini's La Bohemea friend proposed a musical update of La Boheme, Larson relocated the story in the East Village that was the epicenter of bohemianism by late 1980s


  2. greek theater influenceutilized song and dance to show the story. wanted to achieve a state of ecstasy to get closer to the gods


  3. origins of 42nd streetdirector/choreographer. died the morning of opening night from battle with leukemia


  4. why was a sunday in the park with george performed at playwrights horizon first?they only had the first act done. moved to Broadway after they had the first and second act finished


  5. who orchestrated the gospel numbers, hymns, tangoes, patter songs, and character songs all to a rock beat in RENTSeurat