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  1. penny dreadfuls
  2. kern and hammerstein
  3. revival of Oklahoma
  4. Sondheim in the 1990s
  5. revival of Carousel
  1. a Into the Woods, passion, the assassins
  2. b type of publication that serialized stories. mystery and murder stories.
  3. c "just the way you look tonight"-kern. showboat was first book musical and their first teamed musical
  4. d black actress playing a white person's role
  5. e Hugh Jackman being the lead

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  1. signed Prince and Webber and opened the show in London West End and transferred to Broadway with $18 million in advance sales
  2. younger theater artists re-imagined golden age
  3. kiss me kate and passion
  4. wrote the book for the musical
  5. hammerstein was a surrogate father to sondheim when his father left him

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  1. chorus influencelight hearted and comical


  2. Trevor Nunn and the Royal Shakespeare Companyenglish language team headed by them


  3. what is send in the clowns aboutfosse and bennett die leaving broadway without great innovators


  4. michael bennettchoreographer of "chorus line", repopularized being a dancer in a chorus


  5. origin of The Phantom of the Opera$18 million in advance sales