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  1. Harold Prince and Andrew Lloyd Webber with Phantom
  2. 42nd Street Project
  3. a chorus line choreographer
  4. the jersey boys
  5. a little night music song
  1. a renovated the Victory Theater on 42nd street
  2. b wanted a romantic musical
  3. c frankie valley and the four seasons. about their journey through the advent of rock n roll
  4. d michael bennett
  5. e send in the clowns

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  1. Chicago and Cabaret
  2. toby (little boy)
  3. no such thing as bad publicity
  4. as an operetta, there's almost no moment in the show where there is not restitative or underscore
  5. revenge motive

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  1. kelly o'harathe transvestite drag queen


  2. mandy patinkinjewish. was in "sunday in the park" and got a Tony nomination


  3. operetta influencesragtime, "the entertainer," syncopation, didn't get much money because he was black


  4. scott joplin influencelight hearted and comical


  5. Everybody's Got the Righta friend proposed a musical update of La Boheme, Larson relocated the story in the East Village that was the epicenter of bohemianism by late 1980s