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  1. what is james lapine's connection with sondheim and sunday in the park
  2. composer of miss saigon
  3. revival of Oklahoma
  4. libretto writer for miss saigon
  5. significance of sondheim and hammerstein's relationship
  1. a Hugh Jackman being the lead
  2. b wrote the book for the musical
  3. c hammerstein was a surrogate father to sondheim when his father left him
  4. d schonberg
  5. e boublil

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  1. perfected the book musical. hammerstein was the great moralist. hammerstein writes book and music then rodgers comes in and writes story
  2. had to sell more than 1300 tickets/day at Gershwin Theatre for a year to make a profit
  3. choreographer of the producers. wanted to pick up where agnes de mille left off by redefining folk dance
  4. was in guys and dolls, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, the producers
  5. emulated astaire, MGM contract. used canes/hats/slouched shoulders/pelvis work/hands

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  1. what influence of gilbert and sullivan is in "little priest"patter song


  2. mayer ed kock's efforts in 1978 in times squareaccepted a ford foundation grant for a renovation of times square. it died because it was too much like disneyland


  3. Cameron Mackintosh and The Phantom of the Operasigned Prince and Webber and opened the show in London West End and transferred to Broadway with $18 million in advance sales


  4. Puccini's La Bohemea friend proposed a musical update of La Boheme, Larson relocated the story in the East Village that was the epicenter of bohemianism by late 1980s


  5. george balanchine"momma who bore me." based on late 19th century play by franz wedekind. about sexual awakening of adolescence in private school


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