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  1. nathan lane
  2. judi dench and cats
  3. a little priest uses puns and other rhetorical devices to convey the objectives of what grand scheme
  4. george balanchine
  5. what was interesting about a chorus line
  1. a she was a renowned classical actress. she had to drop out last minute because of injury. replaced by elaine paige
  2. b was in guys and dolls, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum, the producers
  3. c broadway musicals had characters wanting to get out of the chorus into a leading role. in chorus line, the actors wanted to be cast in the chorus
  4. d slaughter on 10th avenue. fusion of ballet and jazz
  5. e cutting people into meat pies

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  1. theater survived after the fall of Rome through song and dance by wandering minstrels and troubadours
  2. type of publication that serialized stories. mystery and murder stories.
  3. Hello Dolly
  4. economics leads to downturns; concept musicals lead to fewer and fewer jobs for dancers
  5. "just the way you look tonight"-kern. showboat was first book musical and their first teamed musical

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  1. kelly o'harathe pajama game, south pacific


  2. name of eliot's collection of poems about catshe wrote the book


  3. brian stokes mitchellrevivals of man of la mancha and kiss me, kate. ragtime with audra mcdonald


  4. what was the 19th century british origin of sweeney toddas an operetta, there's almost no moment in the show where there is not restitative or underscore


  5. what song does todd become a self-appointed executionerepiphany