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  1. bob fosse and chicago
  2. george and ira gershwin
  3. the jersey boys
  4. irving berlin
  5. AIDS epidemic
  1. a composer/lyricist played only on black keys. self taught musician, wrote American songs. "no business like show business," "annie get your gun," "what'll I do," "white christmas", and "putting on the ritz"
  2. b george composed, ira wrote lyrics. formed bridge between jazz and classical music. "summertime" "rhapsody and blue" "i've got rhythm"
  3. c in the 1980's show's triumph over bigoty was overshadowed by AIDS epidemic
  4. d director/choreographer
  5. e frankie valley and the four seasons. about their journey through the advent of rock n roll

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  1. slaughter on 10th avenue. fusion of ballet and jazz
  2. everything started in england and moves to broadway. knows that people want a big production. cats, phantom, les mis, miss saigon. single logo branding and fan gear
  3. type of publication that serialized stories. mystery and murder stories.
  4. composer/lyricist. made theater safe for sex through clever lyrics. most often recorded composer for pop standards (written for a show and recorded by many performers)
  5. kiss me kate and passion

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  1. Kander and Ebb did endless revivals ofhammerstein spend days going over sondheim's ideas and telling him what was wrong and how to fix it. helped him with musical construction


  2. What is Agony about in Into the WoodsTonys and Pullitzer 1994


  3. stephen schwartzwrote godspell and wicked


  4. david merrick and 42nd streetno such thing as bad publicity


  5. spectacle in Miss SaigonMackintosh