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  1. who produced the lion king
  2. Non-linear story-telling
  3. Miss Saigon plot
  4. advance sales of The Phantom of the Opera
  5. sondheim gives todd a love song to a razor. what is the song?
  1. a $18 million in advance sales
  2. b moves back and forth in time
  3. c julie taymor
  4. d these are my friends
  5. e vietnamese prostitutes falling in love with American Soldier. Takes place during the final days of the Vietnam War

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  1. response to darkness of concept musicals. wanted something to latch onto
  2. how little effort it takes to change history. Wilkes Booth snuck into theater to kill Lincoln. barber shop quartet
  3. learned to compose by hammerstein. no happy endings. king of musical theater. created juxtaposition: crazy murders with a barbershop quartet (assassins)
  4. director/choreographer
  5. 8.1 million

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  1. Harold Prince and Andrew Lloyd Webber with Phantomdirected and produced them. later did oklahoma


  2. when was the period of greatest declineLarson


  3. Jerry Hermann's other hit besides La Cage Aux Folles8.1 million


  4. rodgers and hartrodgers: lyricist. no corny lines. musical theater to sophistication. manhattan was first big hit


  5. The Golden Age Musicals "Re-Imagined"younger theater artists re-imagined golden age


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