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  1. sondheim and happy endings
  2. Gregory Hines (Jelly's Last Jam)
  3. what influence of gilbert and sullivan is in "little priest"
  4. stephen schwartz
  5. greek theater influence
  1. a never wrote them
  2. b utilized song and dance to show the story. wanted to achieve a state of ecstasy to get closer to the gods
  3. c wanted to quit when african american writer and director, Wolfe, was hired to direct
  4. d wrote godspell and wicked
  5. e patter song

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  1. composed the score
  2. papp got them to fund a chorus line.
  3. tony nomination for In the Town. played in annie get your gun revival. played rose in gypsy
  4. book musicals and made shows more simple and "hummable"
  5. choreographer of oklahoma. fusion of ballet, folk dance, and broadway

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  1. matthew broderickthe producers


  2. what does through composed mean in regards to sweeney toddharold prince


  3. spamalotmusical version of monty python and holy grail. song "always look on the bright side"


  4. florenz ziegfeldcomposer/lyricist. made theater safe for sex through clever lyrics. most often recorded composer for pop standards (written for a show and recorded by many performers)


  5. who does todd kill before he is murderedLarson