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  1. penny dreadfuls
  2. Puccini's La Boheme
  3. what song does todd become a self-appointed executioner
  4. grand guignol
  5. gilbert and sullivan influences
  1. a a friend proposed a musical update of La Boheme, Larson relocated the story in the East Village that was the epicenter of bohemianism by late 1980s
  2. b naturalistic horror shows that were gruesome
  3. c epiphany
  4. d type of publication that serialized stories. mystery and murder stories.
  5. e satirized the military and society. made operetta acceptable for satire, patter songs (key was to make rhyming couplets while making it funny

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  1. hammerstein spend days going over sondheim's ideas and telling him what was wrong and how to fix it. helped him with musical construction
  2. the princes talking about wanting Rapunzel and Cinderella even though they can't find them
  3. director/choreographer
  4. bernadette peters and mandy patinkin
  5. toby (little boy)

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  1. Jerry Hermann's other hit besides La Cage Aux FollesJelly Roll Morton


  2. bob fossefusion of ballet, jazz, tap background. slouched shoulders, pelvis work


  3. david merrick and 42nd streetbig budget, big cast, big chorus musical


  4. the black crookfirst accidental american musical


  5. advance sales of The Phantom of the Opera$18 million in advance sales