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  1. who sings the duet "pretty women"
  2. andrew lloyd webber
  3. susan stroman
  4. audra mcdonald
  5. Kander and Ebb did endless revivals of
  1. a brings back to life book musical. dominates with lavish productions
  2. b choreographer of the producers. wanted to pick up where agnes de mille left off by redefining folk dance
  3. c played in revival of carousel. ragtime with mitchell
  4. d Chicago and Cabaret
  5. e judge and todd

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  1. lovitt and todd
  2. as an operetta, there's almost no moment in the show where there is not restitative or underscore
  3. AABA format. yankee doodle dandy, grand old flag, star spangled banner. as a performer, he was masculine and athletic. tilted against actors equity
  4. choreographer of oklahoma. fusion of ballet, folk dance, and broadway
  5. cutting people into meat pies

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  1. Puccini's La Boheme8.1 million


  2. Fin de Siecle Musical Theaterdiversity in casting: artists of colors finally got a say in how their stories were told


  3. how does sondheim build and sustain the suspense in pretty womencelebrated the dancers' uniformity, not their individuality


  4. Michael Eisner had success withBeauty and the Beast and was interested in a permanent home for Disney Theatrical Productions


  5. Star in Bring in 'Da Noise, Bring in 'Da Funkenvouraged the development in the teater district that led to the development of times square reserving ground floors of office buildings for theaters