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Test Monday,May 2

Darwin thought that species gradually change over many generations as they become better adapted to new conditions. This process is called___


What does evolution occur through?

Natural Selection

Only traits controlled by____ can change over time as a result of natural selection.


What did Darwin observe about the finches in the Galapagos Island?

Their beaks were adapted to the foods they ate.

A gradual change in a species over time is called


A trait that helps an organism survive and reproduce in called an


What term refers to the process by which individuals that are better adapted to their enviornment are more likely to survive and reproduce?

Natural Selection

What term refers to a s[eciescreationg more offspring that can possibly survive?


Diffrences within the same speices are called


The process by which twp members of the same species contribute genetic material to the offspring is known as

Sexual Reproduction

How does natural selection lead to evolution?

Helpful traits accumulate among surviving members of the species.

In polar bears, all bears havve a dark coat. One bear is born with a whtie coat. What is this term called?


How do most fossils form?

An organism dies and their body becomes buried in sediment

State 3 types of evidence form modern day organisms that scientists ise to determine evolutionary relatoinships among groups.

Body Structure, Development Before Birth, DNA Sequences

Why do scientists think species have similar body structures and deevelopment patterns?

They may have a common ancestor in their past, This change is seen in the branching tree.

Explain how a group or organisms that is seperated from the rest of it species can evolve different traits.

It evolves by better adapting to its enviornment. (Mutating, Surviving, Reproducing)

What information does a Branching Tree show us?

It shows how species evolve as well as which animal it evolved form. It also shows how their related.

What are homologous structures?

They are similar body structures tha related species have inherited from a common ancestor.

Give an example of a homologous structure.

Seal Flipper/Bird Wing

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