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abnormalities in cell structure; for example, cncer cells typically lose the appearance of the parent cells and come to resemble undifferentiated or embyronic cells


a change in cell size, shape, or arrangement due to chronic irritation or inflammation


growth of an organ or tissue due to an increase in the size of its cells; is a normal response of skeletal muscle cells when they are challenged to excessive weight lifing


growth of an organ or tissue due to an increase in the cell number


hollow, microscopic sacs formed of phospholipids that can be filed with a variety of drugs, serve as multipurpose vehicles for drugs, genetic material, and cosmetics


a change in DNA base sequence leading to incorporation of incorrect amino acids in particular positions in the resulting protein; the affected protein may remain unimpaired or may function abnormally or not at all, leadng to disease


death of a cell or group of cells due to injury or disease; acute injury causes the cells to swell and burst, and induces the inflammatory response

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