Phlebotomy Essentials Chapter 8 Review

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After inserting a butterfly needle, the phlebotomist must "seat" it, meaning the phlebotomist willslightly thread it within the lumen of the veinBlood collection tubes are labeledimmediately after specimen collectionWhat is the best approach to use on an eight-year-old child who needs to have blood drawn?Explain the draw in simple terms, and ask for the child's cooperationWhich type of patient is most likely to have an arteriovenous fistula or graft?DialysisWhich of the following is proper procedure when dealing with an elderly patient?make certain to hold adequate pressure after the draw until bleeding stops.Where is the tourniquet applied when drawing a hand vein?Proximal to the wristSpecimen hemolysis can result from:Using a large-volume tube with a 23-gauge needle.Which of the following is the lest effective way to immobilize a pediatric patient before a blood draw?Allowing the child to sit with one arm bracing the otherCriteria used to decide which needle gauge to use for venipuncture includethe size and condition of the veinWhich of the following venipuncture steps are in the correct order?Remove needle, place gauze, activate safety deviceWhich of the following is the best way to handle a needle- phobic patient?Ask the most skilled phlebotomist do the draw, have the patient lie down for the procedure, place an ice pack to the site before the drawHow long should the site be examined to determine if bleeding has stopped?5 to 10 secondsExamples of timed tests include:Blood cultures, cardiac enzymes, and cortisolBending the arm up to apply pressure to the site after venipuncture has been shown to do all the following exceptenable the site to quickly stop bleeding after needle removalThe unique number assigned to a specimen request is called theaccession number