Discovery of Design ch. 1-2

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What is the name of the science where designs are developed from designs in nature?
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What is the process called that cosmetic companies are using to mimic the light wave properties of butterfly and to replace the use of pigments, dyes, wax's and oils?The butterfly effectWhat physical feature makes dragonflies unusual among insects?four distinct wingsWhat does a firefly create by mixing chemicals in its abdomen?Cold lightWhat is an additional potential benefit for hearing aids created by studying the fly?A smaller "fly sized" hearing aidHow does light travel through the eye of the bee?Light first enters through a micro lens, which caps the outer end of the column, The light then moves through the hollow column until it meets photoreceptors at the internal endWhat do insects like grasshoppers or moths hear with their ultra-sensitive listening systems?Faint vibrationsWhat is the major advantage of small, multi-leg robots over actual insects?If the robot is overturned the mechanical legs can be pivoted 180 degrees downward and the upside down machine can continue walking.How does the beetle "drink"the water collected?Upon reaching a certain size, the water droplets overcome electrostatic attraction forces and roll down the beetle's tilted back to its mouth.Why is synthetic spider silk one of the most sought after technologies in biomimicry?Because of possible improvements to everything from bulletproof vests to suspension cables for bridges.Whay are the termite mounds built by Macrotermes michaelseni of interest t to architects?The self-cooling systems these termites build into their termite mounds.What is another name for chipper chain?Oregon chainWhy was paper so expensive centuries ago?It was made from cotton and linen rags and of limited quantity