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Tells/finds the relationship between variables

scientific model

shows how each variable relates to another based on the results of an experiment

mental model

a model you make in your head

physical model

a model you can look at, touch, feel, and take measurements from

conceptual model

a way to show how something works that is descriptive in nature

graphical model

a graph showing how two variables are related

dependent variable

a variable that changes based on another variable

independent variable

a variable that you control and change, the experimental variable

experimental variable

a variable that you control and change, the independent variable


the dependent variable goes on the _ axis


the independent variable goes on the _ axis


if a graph is created from accurate ___, the prediction will also be accurate

cause and effect

the relationship between two variables is also known as a _______ relationship


to have a relationship between variables, the graph must show a what?


a relationship where a small change in one variable makes a big change in the other is ____


a relationship where a big change in one variable has little effect on the other is ____


a graph with a negative slope (points down to the right) shows what kind of relationship?


a distance vs. time graph shows speed, whereas a position vs. time graph shows...


where something is compared to where it started


an interval of length without regard to direction


the vertical change of a graphed line


the horizontal change of a graphed line


rise over run

average speed

total distance traveled divided by total time taken

instantaneous speed

the speed at a specific point in your journey

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