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concepts for week 5


the process through which individuals become skilled in the practices of a culture.
ex: teaching kids languages, societal laws, socialization continues throughout our lives by getting a new job, moving to a new area. change in social status

gender socialization

the process through which we learn how or what is properly masculine and feminine in our society

agent of socialization

Parents- do things to socialize children with their appropriate gender, dress them in pink if their a girl,
schools- they teach boys and girls about masculinity and femininity, and encourage careers based on gender
peer groups- they do similar things based on their friends
media- establishes and reinforce gender norms, strong man weak woman

social reproduction

the process of transferring social and cultural ideologies from generation to generation

social learning theory

the theory that behavior is learned through the observation of others as well as through the direct experience of rewards and punishments.

cognitive development theory

children actively construct knowledge as they manipulate and explore the world

gender schema theory

specific to gender socialization, a cognitive structure that allows us to sort characteristics into masculine and feminine, it convinces us that society cannot function without sex and gender categories,

controlling images

dominant images that denigrate and objectify certain groups and justify their subordination


the cultural assumption that everyone is straight and wants to get married with the intention of procreation any deviation is looked down upon

social control

methods used to teach, persuade, or force a group's members, and even nonmembers, to comply with and not deviate from its norms and expectations

agents of social control

stigmatization- murmurs, whispers complaints, put downs
pathologicalizing- thinking they have a mental disorder
criminalization- penalized for not following gender norms,
victimizing- threat or actual use of violence / beating same sex

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