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how is pain categorized
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occurs when the nervous system is damaged or injured. This might also be referred to a type of chronic or persistent pain. It is a pathologic pain. There are multiple factors and influences associated with this type of pain.

Nerve abnormality may be caused from illness/disease, injury or never determined/unknown.
Neuropathic pain is categorized/classified as peripheral or central.

Peripheral neuropathies results for damage and/or sensitization of peripheral nerves.

Central neuropathic pain results from damage or malfunctioning of the Central Nervous system (brain and spinal cord).

Some examples include phantom limb pain, post mastectomy pain, nerve compression pain
Poorly localized (shooting, burning, fiery, shock like sharp, painful numbness, tingling)
- All patients are asked if have pain
- Informed of their right to have pain assessed & managed
- Informed how pain assessed & managed
- When pain present, assessment completed to align with age, condition & ability to understand
- Reassessment completed
- All professionals dealing with pain are to be trained
- In addition, pain is assessed on admission, transfer & after procedure when strong sedative or anesthesia used