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an absolute or total ruler who seizes control of the gov't


a political gov't that puts the needs of the nation above the needs of an individual


promised a society in which property would be shard be everyone

police state

a country in which the gov't has total control over people and uses secret police to find and punish people who rebel or protest


warlike action such as an invasion or attack


the planned killing of a race of people


the Nazi killing of the Jewish people in WWII

concentration camp

a prision where the enemies of the German gov't were gathered involuntarily


ovens used to burn the bodies of death camp victams

black shirts

the secret police or Nazi political police


an enclosed and restricted area of a city in which Jews were required to live


Hitler's personal guards, also known as the Black Shirts


Auschwitz was the largest concentration camp in this country


the first concentration camp established in Munich in 1933


underground organization engaged in a struggle for liberation


the six pointed star used as a symbol Germans forced Jews to wear for indentification


elite SS spies

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