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Ceutics LAB Final - Suspensions

Metronidazole therapeutic use?


Xanthan Gum function?

Suspending Agent

Methyl paraben function?


Propyl paraben function?


Simple syrup function?

Taste masking suspending agent

What is another name for simple syrup?


Propylene glycol function?

Levigating agent

Water function?


What is an important auxiliary label to use for a suspension?


This medication is for an animal... what other auxiliary label is important?

Veterinary use only

When making an RX for an animal, what is the FIRST thing to write on the sig?

"Give" .... 0.5 mg/kg ....

You can't say take because the pet can't take the med... you have to give it to them. :)

You must calculate the dose because it is written in mg/kg - the weight will be given. Once this is calculated, where do you put that number?


Ex) Give 0.5 mg/kg body weight (2.4 mL) twice a day for intestinal parasites.

How much overage?


What is the first thing you need to do in the procedure?

Calibrate bottle to the QS mark

Then what?

Place metonidazole powder, methyl paraben powder, and xanthan gum powder (so all the powders) into the glass m&p and LEVIGATE WITH PROPYLENE GLYCOL

What do you do after you add the powder and levigate?

Add the liquids that you are NOT QS-ing with (PP solution and simple syrup)

Propyl paraben was given to us in a stock solution because it was below SAW. What would you use to make an aliquot for PP if the stock solution was not given?

WATER (because that is what we are QS-ing with)

What would your next step be ?

Transfer the mix to the calibrated bottle quantitatively.

Then wash glass m&p with the water and transfer to calibrated bottle... continue until you reach the calibration mark.

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