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After World War I, which of the following was a problem Italy faced?

high unemployment and high taxes

Literature in the postwar period reflected writers' loss of faith in

western civilization.

Jazz was pioneered by

African Americans.

Which of the following helped fascist leaders gain power in Eastern Europe?

widespread poverty

During the 1920s, the Locarno treaties indicated

the hope that there would be world peace.

What was the goal of the militant Irish nationalists who participated in the Easter Rising?

to gain independence for Ireland

Italians accepted the use of violence by the Fascists because

they had lost faith in constitutional government.

Which of the following statements about Britain's postwar foreign policy is true?

British leaders wanted to relax the harsh treatment of Germany.

How did Congress respond to the "Red Scare?"

Congress passed laws limiting immigration from Europe.

Mussolini gained power by promising to

end corruption and replace turmoil with order.

Who built the first totalitarian state?

Benito Mussolini

Which of the following writers used the stream of consciousness to explore hidden thoughts in people?

Virginia Woolf

What did Franklin D. Roosevelt do to combat the Great Depression?

He introduced the New Deal.

After the war, which nation emerged as the world's leading economic power?

the United States

Which German-born physicist advanced the theories of relativity?

Albert Einstein

After World War I, women in many western countries

gained the right to vote.

Who was the first woman to serve in the British Parliament?

Nancy Astor

Hitler gained followers in Germany by

promoting German superiority.

Which of the following events triggered the Great Depression?

The New York Stock Exchange crashed.

What was one reason that the Weimar Republic failed?

It took the blame for the Treaty of Versailles.

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