8 terms

Ch. 8 Society, Culture, and Communication

High-Context Society
societies that place a great deal of emphasis on the total environment or context where speech and interaction take place. It is much more impt for ppl to indicate respect for one another in various verbal and nv ways than it is for them to pay close attention to the exact words spoken.
Low-Context Society
society where the message itself means everything, and it is much more important to have a well-structured argument or well delivered presentation than it is to be a member of the royal family or a cousin of the person listening. People try to separate their relationships from the message.
to stress group benefit and the overiding value of working harmoniously rather than individual personal advancement. portarying you as a single bee in a beehive. ex. Japan.
focusing on the individual person and his or her personal dreams, goals and acheivements, and right to make choices
people do one thing at a time or multi-task only bc it helps them work toward their particular goals with tasks in sequence and communications fitting in particular order. ex. in US being on time shows respect.
independent and unconncected tasks can be done simultaneously. People often carry out multiple conversations with different people at the same time. ex. in Arab countries they do not regard being late as being impolite (emphasis on time is rude)
real or perceived incompatibilities of processes, understandings, and view points between people.
speech codes
culture's verbalizations of meaning and symbols, tend to have built into them certain ways of understanding the world that guide the particular talk patterns people use in conversations with one aother.