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  1. (n.) a warning or feeling that something bad will happen; (adj.) marked by fear, ominous
  2. firmly fized; constant, not moving or changing
  3. chillingly proud and scornful
  4. (v.) to fit together exactly; to connect so as to form a whole; (n.) a carpentry figure resembling a dove's tail
  5. a person (usually a child) without a home or friend; a stray person or animal; something that comes along by chance, a stray bit
  1. a steadfast
  2. b haughty
  3. c foreboding
  4. d dovetail
  5. e waif

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  1. imperative
  2. plunder
  3. wry
  4. falter
  5. vilify

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  1. to linger in an aimless way, hang around, dawdle, tarryvilify


  2. to pretend ilness to avoid duty or work, lie down on the jobattest


  3. the quality of exceeding all moral bounds; an exceedingly evil act; huge size, immensityenormity


  4. to bear witness, affirm to be true or genuineattest


  5. totally abandoned and helpless; sad and lonely; wretched or pitiful; almost hopelessforlorn