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Marketing Final Exam-Spring 2011

Environmental scanning means ______ information about the marketing environment, wheras environmental analysis is concerned with ____ this information
collecting; assessing
Marketers who view political forces as being beyond their control are taking a _____response toward these forces
____ competitors proved very different products that satisfy the same basic customer need.
Four major competitive structures....
oligopolies, monopolies, monopolistic competition, and pure competition
What is base level on which social responsibility is built?
being profitable
At the top of the pyramid of social responsibility for business are _____ responsibilities
If consumer recieves info. that is inconsistent with one's beliefs, the consumer may alter this info...this process is known as selective _____
Problem recognition occurs when a consumer...
becomes aware that there is a difference between a desired state and an actual condition
Perception is a 3 step process involving...
selecting, organizing, and interpreting info inputs
A major determing factor in deciding which type of problem-solving process should be used depends on the individual's intensity of interest in a product and importance of the product for that person. This is known as an individual's...
level of involvement
Temporary and dynamic factors that result from a particular set of circumstances a consumer is facing when making purchase decisions characterize ____
situational involvement
3 most widely recognized types of consumer problem solving are...
limited problem solving, extended problem solving, and routinized response behavior
Routinized response behavior is what a consumer does when...
buying frequently purchased, low-cost items that need little effort
Extend problem solving is type which is...
most complex problem-solving behavior, which comes into play when a purhase involves unfamiliar, expensive, or infrequently bought products
Purchasers who intend to use or benefit from the purchased product and do not buy products to make profits are part of the _____
consumer market
The _____ is the difference in value btwn a nation's exports and its imports.
balance of trade
A product is defined as...
anything the consumer recieves in an exchange
Which is always used to determine the classification of a good...
buyer's intent for using the product
A product line is defined as...
group of closely related products that are considered a unit because of marketing technical, or end-use considerations
Coca-Cola has expanded to Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, and caffeine free Coke. These are examples of...
line extensions
The phase of new-product development in which a small sample of potential buyers are presented with a product idea through a written/oral description in order to determine their attitudes and inital buying intentions regarding the product is called...
concept testing
Major steps in developing new products...
test marketing, screening, business analysis, idea generation
The part of a brand that can be spoken including letters, numbers, and words is the ____
brand name
A customer must have a particular brand and will accept no substitutes is termed brand ___
3 levels of brnad loyelty from strongest to weakest
insistence, preference, recognition
A major advantage of using individual branding is that...
a poor quality product will not contaminate all of the company's other products with negative images
Where to supply chains start?
Possession utility is describes as...
the customer having access to the product to use now or store and use later
The driving force behind marketing channel decisions should be...
customer satisfaction
Consumers receive the benefits of place utility when...
products are available in locations where consumers want to buy them
Without wholesalers and other intermediaries products would...
likely be more expensive due to the use of less efficient channel members
Channel capacity is determined by the...
least efficient component of the communication process
The basic function of promotion...
Promotion is communcation that is...
Primary demand is defined as...
demand for a product category
Selective demand is demand for a....
particular brand