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Ch. 15 Ecology terms.


close association between two species in which they live together on a permanent basis


heavy load of parasites


the outcome of an infection


very small parasites that have a short generation time; includes bacteria & viruses


large parasite that can be seen with the naked eye; includes flatworms & ticks


parasites that live on the outside part of the host's body


parasites that live inside the host's body

definitive host

host species in which the parasite becomes an adult & reaches maturity

intermediate host

host in which a parasite goes through some developmental stage of its life cycle


relationship in which one organism benefits & the other is harmed


relationship in which both organisms benefit


relationship in which one organism benefits & the other is unaffected


organism that benefits in a parasitic relationship


organism that is harmed in a parasitic relationship


organism, such as an insect, that acts as an intermediate host for a parasite but is not effected by it

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