27 terms

BIO ch 5

Describe the greenhouse effect
presence of co2 and other gases in the atmosphere
What are the greenhouse gases?
co2, methane(ch4) , ozone(ch3)
Describe the carbon cycle
cycles between living organisms, atmosphere, bodies of water+rock
what releases c into the atmosphere?
cellular respiartion in humans
describe the relationship between co2 and temps?
The warmer the temp the higher the level of co2
How does temperature affect living things
there is a loss of habitat for some species b/c rising temps effect plant's ability to photosynthesize
What is role of photosynthesis?
For organisms to trap light energy from sun and convert co2 and water into sugar
What happens to water during photosynthesis?
converts to glucose
what happens to co2 during photosynthesis?
converts to oxygen
describe what happens in light reactions?
Harvest energy from the sun and produce ATP and electrons
Describe relationship between light reaction and calvin cycle?
Calvin cycle uses the ATP produced by light reactions to synthesis sugars
Describe role of stomata and guard cells
stomata are pores that allow air to the internal structures of leaves+stems

guard cells regulate the size of pores, minimizing water loss.
Describe transpiration
water leaving the plant through the stomata opening
Describe photorespiration
the closing of stomatal openings which doesn't allow h20 and co2 to enter the plant, decreasing photosynthesis
Which type of bonds form between water molecules?
The largest reservoir of carbon dioxide on Earth is found where?
The ocean
Which of the following could reduce global warming as more carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere?
increased cloud cover
What provides direct evidence that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have increased to an unprecedented high point?
air bubbles in ice cores
Photosynthesis occurs in specialized organelles called
One of the reasons that plants must be watered is because water ...
supplies the electrons used in photosynthesis.
During the light reactions, electrons are harvested from
During the Calvin cycle, rubisco catalyzes a reaction to produce a molecule with
6 carbons
True or false: Glucose is generated during the Calvin cycle of photosynthesis.
Which of the following is most likely to be a CAM plant?
barrel cactus
True or false: Some warm weather plants have adaptations to maximize photorespiration in order to produce more glucose.
During a home and garden renovation, the Horton family replaces three appliances with high-efficiency models and plants shade trees on its property. Approximately how many pounds of carbon dioxide will be saved each year because of these changes?
1250 pounds
How many people would have to trade in their SUVs (with an average fuel rating of 16 mi/gal) for smaller cars (with an average fuel rating of 25 mi/gal) to decrease annual carbon dioxide production by 1 billion pounds?
77,000 people