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Huge sea wave caused by an earthquake on the ocean floor.


Groups of islands.


Pattern of heavy urban settlement over a large area.


Military leaders in Japan.


Poverful land owning warriors in Japan; loyal to the daimyos.


Ancient Japanese religion.


Traditional Japanese dress for women and men.


Powerful land owners.

Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu

What are the four main islands in Japan?

Mount Fuji

What is the tallest peak in Japan and is also a national symbol?

Snowy winters

What kind of climate is on the northern islands of Japan?


What kind of climate is on the southern islands of Japan?

Farming and forests

Japan has a very high population but much of the land is set aside for what?


3/4 of Japanese people live in urban areas but the largest urban area including Tokyo is called?

Pollution, fishing

In Japan laws have been passed to reduce ________ and control _________?


What percentage of the people were peasants?


What were ancient Japanese grouped by?

Shinto and Buddhism

What are the two main religions in Japan?

Family and Traditions
Love of nature

What are the "Four Affirmations" of Shinto?

Beauty of nature

What kind of paintings do Japanese people like to display?


What is a well known form of Japanese peotry?


What kind of theater do actors wear beautiful colorful costumes and masks?

Kami's child

All creations are known as what?

Delaying of marriages or not marrying at all

What is the cause of low birth rates in Japan?

Buddism, Emperor , written characters

China influenced Japan in what 3 ways?

Attacked Pearl Harbor

What did Japan do on December 7, 1941?

U.S would not be willing or able to enter the war

What did the Japanese think the U.S. would not be able to do after they attack Pearl Harbor?


Who declared that the U.S. would officially enter WWII?


What was the secret project the U.S. had during WWII that created the Atomic Bomb?

U.S. dropped 2 atomic bombs

Why did Japan surrender to the U.S.?

United States

Who helped rebuild Japan after WWII?

Constitutional Monarchy

What kind of government did Japan become after lossing their Emperor and his political powers?

Electronics, cars, ship building

What kind of major manufacturing did Japan quickly recover from around the 1970's?

Volcano, earthquake, tsunami

What are 3 ways that the Ring of Fire impacts Japan?

Air pollution, acid rain, over fishing

What are 3 environmental challenges Japan will face?

Low birth rate, aging population

Why is Japan the world leader in Robotic technology?


North and South Korea are located on what geographic feature?

Astronomical observatory, 28 character language

Ancient Koreans have accomplished what two things?


In 1910 Korea was invaded and conquered by what neighboring country?

North invaded the South hoping to unite all Koreans

What caused the beginning of the Korean War?

U.S. and U.N.

Who came to the aid and support of the South Koreans?


Who sent troops to support the North Koreans?


What president made the decision to send troops in support of South Korea?


What president negotiated the cease fire to end the Korean War?


What is the 2.5 mile wide border between North and South Korea?

Democracy and a free enterprise system

What is South Korea's government and economy like today?

Speech and elections

What are 2 freedoms that were denied under a communist dictatorship for North Koreans?

40 %

What percentage of North Koreans work on government run collective farms?

They manufacture poor quality goods, outdating farming and strained international relations

Why has North Korea's development fallen behind South Korea's?

Damaged hopes of peace and caused world wide concerns

What was the effect of North Korea development of nuclear weapons?

Make a peace park

What is one proposal of what they should do with the area of the DMZ?

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