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are helpful to policymakers in making
decisions because
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proxy warLocal or regional wars in which the superpowers armed, trained, and financed the combatantsThe Taylor Rostow Report on Vietnam was significant because itshifted the Vietnam War from being seen as a political problem to a military problem.Which of the following provided President Johnson with what amounted to a free hand in conducting the Vietnam War?the Gulf of Tonkin ResolutionThe principal political lesson of the past used by policymakers in their Vietnam decision making was the damage done to careers bythe loss of China.Many strategic and tactical lessons from the past were applied to Vietnam by U.S. policymakers. Which of the following analogies was among the most important?the Munich analogyVietnam destroyed the Cold War foreign policy consensus and put into place all but which of the following outlooks ?Jacksonian populismPublic opinion surveys indicated that the three most frequently cited reasons for the U.S. defeat in Vietnam included all but which of the following?Soviet and Chinese aid to North VietnamIn a future conflict, if policymakers selected to adopt a Shock and Awe military campaign the primary goal would be to :demoralize the opponent's military forces.An example of a phase IV activity in the Iraq War wasestablishing a Coalition Provisional Authority.Which of the following was presented by the Bush administration as its "lesson of the past" for rebuilding Iraq after the war ?Germany