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Personal Finance obj 7.03


Small files stored on a computer that enable a Web site to "remember" information about a visitor

Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

A part of a system of carrying out financial transactions by computer rather than using checks or cash


Deceitful conduct designed to manipulate another person for some gain

identity theft

The illegal use of an individual's personal information, such as credit cards, bank and investment account numbers, social security number, etc., and using them to commit theft or fraud

online profiling

A practice in which companies collect information about the Web sites a consumer visits, then use that information to predict what the consumer may buy in the future

secure site

A website that uses safeguards to protect information from theft during transmission

Social Security number

The unique nine-digit number used by the Social Security Administration to keep track of a person's earnings. It can be used to access bank and credit card accounts as well as other personal information

card reader

Machine that captures the card number from the magnetic strip.

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