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in infancy and early childhood

at which point in the human life cycle do the greatest number of deaths occurs?


in the US today, the average 65 year old man will live to be how old?

oldest old subgroup

what is the fastest-growing segment of the population in the US today?

there will be fewer young and middle-aged workers to provide for the finanical well-being of the elderly

why will every industrialized nation in the world face a demographic crisis in the near future?

older than 92

in the US, the average 65 old women will live to be how old?

instrumental activies of daily living

which of the following terms applies to intellectually demanding tasks such as managing finances and pay bills


which of the following chronic conditions is more common in men over 65 than women over 65

calorie restriction

which activity seems to be most important health habit in old age?


which of the following had been linked to minimized atrophy of the cerebral cortex of the brain?

dendritic loss and slowing of synaptic speed

what is the most likely cause of slower reaction time for everyday tasks and activites for an older individual?


Mr. Cooper has great difficulty seeing how because the lenses inside his eyes have become clouded over. What is the name of this condition?


grandpa ezra complains that he frequently hears ringing or buzzing sounds in his ears. what is Ezra experiencing?

110-120 years

about how long is the maximum human lifespan?

the hayflick limit

the genetically programmed time for cell replication to which each species is theroretically bound is called?

programmed senescence theory

which of the following is the name of the theory which says that aging is a result of species- specifc genes?

the terminal drop hypothesis

which of the following suggests that all adults retain excellent function until their physcial and mental functioning plummets in the few years before death

loss of sensitivity to heat and a slower reaction time to increases in accidental burn

your text suggests that burns are more common in late adulthood than earlier, why?

older adults most nap more during the day in order to axxumulate the sleep they need/

how are sleep patterns typically affected by age?

an increase in falls

what is the most serious consequence stemming from loss the loss of balance among older adults?

they are more sexually adventurous and willing to experiment

what does your text suggest about older women's sexual behavior?

the dementias

which of the following are a group of neurological disorders that involve memory and thinking affecting social, emotional and physical functioning?

the presence of neurofibrillatory tangles in the brain

which of the following is definitively of alzheimer's disease?

poor health

which of the following does research indicate to be the strongest predictor of depression amog older adults?

a combination of psychotherapy and antidepressant medication

what is the most effective treatment for depression in older adults?


which of the following is a congnitive characteristic that includes knowlegde and it applcation to problem solving

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