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manager of ice cream parlor that is popular for families. he is looking for help over the summer

Employers want honest and reliable people. Managers want good roll models for young patrons. So the manager might want to research the person online by a social network account.

you have a private social account online and your friend copies a photo onto his or her public account

If something is put on the internet it can be found, copied, shared, or even hacked. so you should only put things on the internet if you want them viewed.

a highschool principal is concerned about the school reputation so he or she goes online to see what students are saying.

what students say could effect a school's reputation so it is reasonable for the pricipal to look at what his students are saying

you are old enough to have a facebook. your dad makes one and wants to be your friend.

it's normal to for parents to worry about what their kids do out of sight, but it's also normal for kids to have some privacy.

you work at ABC University. you have to choose some talented highschoolers to spend some time on campus so you look up them online

college officials have the right to view social network profiles and read blogs, but what if effects the future of the student.

you are in college and your cousin who just started highschool wants to be your friend on facebook. you like your cousin but you say no to his request and wonder if he'll be upset.

you have the right to say no to anyone who request to be a friend on a social network and they shouldn't be effected if they respect that fact

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