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Professional Image

Personality, personal hygiene, and attitude are all aspects of an individual's:

Life Skills

Prior learning and life experiences are known as:

What We Think And Feel

Values consist of what we think, how we feel, and how we act based on:


Beliefs are attitudes that originate from an individual's:


Speech, appearance, behavior, and manners are all signs of an individual's


The only difference between a good day and a bad day is an individual's:


The art of being tactful is known as:


To be responsive to others' ideas, feelings, and opinions is known as:

Healthful Living

Hygiene is the science that deals with:

Preserve Health

The primary purpose of practicing hygiene is to:


Personal hygiene deals with preserving the health of the:

The Day's Activities

Rest allows the body to recover from:


Walking, dancing, and sports are all forms of:


Improved blood circulation is a benefit of:

Good Health

Good nutrition is one of the major factors necessary to preserve:

Healthy Life

Practicing stress management helps an individual live a/an:

The Mind

The body operates as a unit with:

Body Fatigue

The barber who practices correct posture will find that it helps to minimize:

On The Floor

For a comfortable sitting posture, keep the soles of the feet:

Toward the Back of the Chair

To avoid back strain while reading, writing, or studying, sit:


The study of human characteristics as applied to specific work environments is:

Human Relations

The psychology of getting along well with others is known as:

Communicate Effectively

One of the barber's most important human relations skills is the ability to:


Listening skills, voice, speech, and conversation skills are aspects if effective:

Organize Thoughts, Clarify, & Repeat

Three steps that can be used to ascertain a client's service expectations are:

Professional Ethics

Proper behavior and business dealings with employers, clients, and co-workers is called:


Proper ethical practices help to increase business and to build:

Good Reputation

Proper conduct and behavior in the barbershop is the best method for building a:

Good Ethical Practices

To become a successful professional barber, individuals should follow the rule of:

Visualization, Respect for Others, & Practice New Behaviors

A basic principle that forms the foundation of success includes:


A desire for change creates:

Family, Teachers, & Friends

Extrinsic motivation may stem from:


The most effective form of motivation is:


A well-thought-out process for long-term planning and success requires:


Dreams and plans for the future are also know as:

Planning, Reexaminations, & Flexibility to Change

Important elements of goal setting include:

Prioritizing, Problem Solving, Scheduling, & Rewards

Effective time-management techniques include:

A Well-Groomed Barber

One of the best advertisements for a barbershop or salon is:

A Pleasing Attitude

It will be helpful to a barber's success to develop:


Thoughtfulness toward others is considered to be the foundation of:


When suggesting additional products or services to clients, always be:

The Client

Settle all disputes and differences to the satisfaction of:

Personal Appearance

The professional barber's best advertisement is his or her:

Profane Language

The successful barber avoids the use of:

Patience & Courtesy

Unpleasant clients in the barbershop should be treated with:


In the presence of clients, the professional barber avoids:

Personal Calls

Teaching and learning should not be interfered with by:

Safety Rules

Accidents can be prevented or minimized if students carefully observe the:

State Barber Board Rules, Barber School Rules, & Safety Rules

Students are expected to comply with:

State Barber Boards, Barbering Schools, & Barbers & Barbering Students

The protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the public as it relates to barbering is the responsibility of the:

Similarities & Differences

We are all unique and complex individuals, what two things make each of us who we are:

Our Innermost Selves

Factors that have the ability to influence and impact our professional image originate from:

Professional Image

The impression that you project as a person engaged in the profession of barbering is known as:

Outward Appearance, Attitude, & Conduct

Your professional image consists of what 3 things that you exhibit in the work place:

Life Skills

Tools and guidelines that prepare you for living as a mature adult are called:

Personal Values & Beliefs

Attitudes originate from the 2 personal characteristics of:


The deepest feelings and thoughts we have about ourselves and about life:


Specific attitudes that occur as a result of our values and have a strong influence on how we act or behave in situations:

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

When something comes true simply because you believe it will come true, is called:

Inner Feelings, Thoughts, Attitudes, & Values

Personality can be defined as the outward reflection of:

Voice, Speech, Choice of Words, Facial Expressions, Gestures, Actions, Posture, Clothing, Grooming, & Environment

Personality is expressed through:

Distinguishes You from Others

Your personality defines who you are and:


Your personality demonstrates your particular style of:


The extent to which others or situations are allowed to change one's attitude is up to the:

Innate Values & Beliefs

Attitudes stem from:

New Insights

Attitudes may change with:


A person's attitude is one of the most obvious and apparent aspects of their:


Reflects thoughtfulness of others:


Shows understanding, empathy, and acceptance:


Being responsive to other's ideas & feelings:


The art of being tactful:

Emotional Stability

Controlled, even-tempered emotions:


The branch of applied science concerned with healthful living is called:

Personal Hygiene

The daily maintenance of cleanliness and healthfulness through certain sanitary practices:


Body tissues and organs are rebuilt and renewed during:

Functions Properly

The nutrients in food supply the body with energy and ensure that the body:


Helps to develop the muscles and keep the body fit:

Organ Function & Blood Circulation

Exercise improves:


The inability to cope with a real or imagined threat that results in a series of mental and physical responses or adaptations is known as:

The Body & Its Systems

Stress management routines provide time to calm:

Stimulate or Depress the Way the Body Functions

The body and mind operate as a unit, therefore thoughts may either:

Fatigue & Possibility of other Physical Problems

Good posture lessens:

Hands, Wrists, Arms, Shoulders, & Lower Back Areas

Repetitive motions used in barbering can create physical stress in the:


The study of human characteristics for the specific work environment:

Too Tightly

Do not grip or squeeze tools & implements:

Bend the Wrist Up or Down Constantly

When cutting hair or using a blow-dryer do not:

A 60-Degree Angle

When holding your arms away from your body while working, try to position you arms at less than:


Avoid bending or twisting your:

Shoes or Footwear

Wear appropriate & supportive:

The Height of the Chair

To ensure the client's head is at a comfortable working level, adjust:

Tilt the Client's Head

For better access during hair services, as necessary:

Straight or Neutral Position

As much as possible, keep your wrists in a:

Sharpened & Well Lubricated

Keep tools and implements:

Rapport With Clients and Coworkers

Effective human relations skills help you to build:

Human Relations

The psychology of getting along well with others:


A close and empathetic relationship that establishes agreement and harmony between individuals is known as:

Pleasant Tone of Voice

Always greet a client or coworker by name, using a:


Be alert to client's and coworkers':


Be a good:


Never tell off-color stories or:


Choose topics of conversation:


Always maintain an ethical standard of:

Successful Barber

Make a good impression by looking the part of a:

At All Times

Speak and act in a professional manner:

Pleasing Personality

Cultivate self-confidence, and project a:

Undivided Attention

Show interest in the client's personal preferences and give:

Tact & Diplomacy

When dealing with problems use:


Deal with all disputes and differences in:

Client's Satisfaction

Take care of all problems promptly and to the:


Be capable &:

Listen More

Talk less &:


Practice emotional:


Have a positive:


Practice good:

Gum Chewing & Nervous Habits

Avoid annoying mannerisms such as:

Listening Skills, Voice, Speech, & Conversational Ability

Communication includes:

Organize Thoughts, Clarify, & Repeat

Three steps you can take to ascertain a client's service expectations:

Good Character, Proper Conduct, & Moral Judgment

Ethics are the principles and standards of:

Personality, Human Relations, & Professional Image

In barbering, ethics is a code of conduct which is expressed through:

Code of Ethics

What specifically relates to the characteristics of a particular profession:

Building Self-Esteem, Learning to Visualize, Building on your Strengths, & Being Kind to Yourself

Basic principles that form the foundation of personal and professional success include:


Originates from a desire for change and serves as the ignition for success:


A well-thought-out process for achieving goals in the long term is called:


Blocks the creative mind from exploring ideas and discovering solutions to challenges:

Goal Setting

Turning dreams into reality is all about:

Short-Term Goals

Goals to be attained in a year or less are considered:

Goal Setting

A process that requires planning:

Efficient Time Management

An "inner organizer" refers to:


Putting tasks in order of most to least important is:

Problem Solving

Techniques to save time when seeking solutions, learn:

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