Solar System and Debris

One of the two planets that switched places from 8th to 9th in line from the sun.
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This planet has four large Galilean moons which were first observed by Galileo.JupiterThis planet is famous for them due to having the largest thickness of rings.SaturnThis planet is known as Earth's twin.VenusPlanetary orbits are what shape?ellipticalWhich planet has a thick carbon dioxide atmosphere that traps the sun's heat?VenusWhat is the Suns next stage of its life cycle expected to be?Red GiantThe Sun is currently in which stage of its life cycle?Main sequenceWhat does a light year measure?distanceWhat type of galaxy is the Milky Way?SpiralThe only planet that has liquid water.EarthThe planet would float in water due to its low density.SaturnThe name of the galaxy our solar system is found in.Milky wayAn instrument used to measure the properties of light emitted by planets, asteroids and cometsSpectroscopeAnother name for a "red shift"Doppler effectIf a star is moving closer towards us, the star spectrum shows shift